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I am not…


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Hot Ass Poem

Its of the opinion that there is less tolerance of humor by critics than their British counterparts critiquing British poetry. I don’t know if it’s true, but from what I have seen, it does seem like most people expect that poetry should be at least serious, if not serious. If the poetry is to be funny, then it should be for children, something like the work of Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss or Edward Gorey. Why can’t a poem like Jennifer L. Knox’s excellent Hot Ass Poem from A Gringo Like Me be taken seriously as art?  Is the ridiculous not worthy of exploration?


I always liked this one from Ogden Nash (I’m paraphrasing)

  There's something about a martini
  Ere the dining and dancing begin
  And to tell you the truth
  It's not the vermouth
  I think that perhaps it's the gin

I love it!! 🙂 I enjoy funny poems!!

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Brown Penny

An enchanting poem…

Brown penny

I had never heard this poem until recently when I watched “Must Loved Dogs” movie.  These beautiful lines can be interpreted in various ways but the center point is LOVE.  Flipping a penny is like taking a chancedepicts all the uncertainities which it holds for each person.  Today, love is perhaps a more transient thing, experienced easily and quickly abandoned if it fails. Nonetheless, no matter what the odds of finding love, we attempt to it, time and again.

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Phenomenal Woman

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.

I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size  

But when I start to tell them,

They think I’m telling lies.

I say,

It’s in the reach of my arms,

The span of my hips,  

The stride of my step,  

The curl of my lips.  

I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,  

That’s me.


I walk into a room

Just as cool as you please,  

And to a man,

The fellows stand or

Fall down on their knees.  

Then they swarm around me,

A hive of honey bees.  

I say,

It’s the fire in my eyes,  

And the flash of my teeth,  

The swing in my waist,  

And the joy in my feet.  

I’m a woman



Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.


Men themselves have wondered  

What they see in me.

They try so much

But they can’t touch

My inner mystery.

When I try to show them,  

They say they still can’t see.  

I say,

It’s in the arch of my back,  

The sun of my smile,

The ride of my breasts,

The grace of my style.

I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.


Now you understand

Just why my head’s not bowed.  

I don’t shout or jump about

Or have to talk real loud.  

When you see me passing,

It ought to make you proud.

I say,

It’s in the click of my heels,  

The bend of my hair,  

the palm of my hand,  

The need for my care.  

’Cause I’m a woman



Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.

~ Maya Angelou

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