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When joy and grief are knitted together…

I could barely read this but its a good read.
The lessons are invaluable and at least the experience has left us with those.

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A letter to her future self…

A letter written by a 12 year-old pretty girl to none other than her future self, to be opened in 2023 by herself only – her dreams, her plans and little things which made her happy. But, life happens when one is busy making plans. She wouldn’t have imagined that her parents would find her letter while sorting her things after she passes away last week due to pneumonia.

Wonder why God wrote her story so short when He gave her the power to dream and plan. As Taylor wrote to herself, “That’s just how life works, and you have to go with it.

My heart reaches out to Taylor’s parents who have lost a piece of their heart. RIP, little angel!! ):




enhanced-buzz-5846-1389366018-4Read the full story here.

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