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What culture are we talking about??

The use of the word ‘culture’ to sustain social standards really amazes me, because culture is what’s happening in the now.

What happened 500 years ago is culturally different from what happened 5000 years ago and you can’t really pin any of it as a benchmark.

What culture are we choosing to enforce? Only fair then that all men discard western clothing and work in fields for cultural preservation.

Why should only women practice culture in their clothing and profession? We should all race backwards to the medieval age to follow culture.

By this argument, Indian men have destroyed culture more than anyone, by wearing trousers, shirts and doing 21st century jobs.

So even if you factor conservative thinking, it is the Indian man who led us all into a “ruined” western module of life, women only adapted.

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Chew in style!

How do you enjoy a juicy burger? The only way to eat a burger is with a wide open mouth and take a bite which often than never leaves me with that “condiment smile”, where the ketchup, mustard, etc. is smothered all around my lips. It looks funny but unappetizing for the other person, so I avoid eating it ‘my’ way! However, I was not aware until now that eating with your mouth wide open is considered a cultural faux in Japan. Were you?

In Japan, it is culturally regarded as attractive to have ‘Ochobo’ – a small and modest mouth. The opposite is frowned  upon as rude an ugly. Thus, a nation known for its impeccable table manners, gorging a burger in public with an open mouth, especially for women, is not considered as a good manner. To make it socially easier for Japanese woman when eating one of their burgers, Freshness Burger (a fast food restaurant chain) came up with an idea and created a ‘Liberation Wrapper’ to avoid a cultural faux. Its said that sales have soared 213 per cent in just one month since introducing it.

Curious how? Visit the link:

Daft or Creative idea, you decide…but it might soon be catching up!!


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Roads – An awesome post!

Makes me think – If we take the main course or make the obvious choices, are we really making a choice or a decision? I was blind and now I see it 🙂

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