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Anti-rape Pants

Saw this video and its a sad world that this kind of thing even needs to exist 😦

While I very much appreciate the thought and effort that has been put into this product. I can’t help but feel two things. First is I instinctively cringe cause it looks like capitalization on rape. Now obviously I don’t claim to know the intentions of the people who developed this product. It’s just as an outsider with no background information that’s what it looks like. Second is that this is another “thing” that puts the responsibility on the victim. 

Why are we teaching people to wear this instead of stopping people being predators in the first place? This is pretty much saying it’s the victims fault and they should be the ones being careful rather than it being the sexual predators fault for violating someone else. On top of that, not all sexual offences are below the belt of the victim.

When would you wear these? ‘Ooh today, I think I better wear my anti-rape pants. Feeling like I might get raped today!’ I’m all for protecting people, but the idea of having to prepare for potential rape seems terrifying to me.

Then what happens when someone is raped, and everyone’s response is, “well they should have been wearing a rape nappy!”

This culture of blaming the victims needs to stop. It’s not a victims responsibility to prepare in case they are raped/mugged/assaulted etc. It’s the responsibility of society to educate the population that these acts are wrong and will not be tolerated!

People keep saying, why teach self defense, instead of teaching people not to do a crime in the first place.

Surely it’d be smarter to educate young people that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable? However, if “teaching people it’s wrong” worked, then we wouldn’t have any murderers or thieves either. People who rape know they’re doing something they shouldn’t do!

There isn’t a rape culture, because nothing in our culture condones or promotes rape. Saying that rape culture exists is like saying murder culture exists, or that there’s a fraud culture. There can be things done to lessen rape, but it will never be completely gone, neither will murder. Teaching people ‘not to rape’ will never work because it’s not a matter of education or knowledge as to how rape is wrong (on a potential rapists part), it’s a matter of skewed moral backing and apathy for the victims feelings.

A lot of rapists already know it’s wrong but they do it anyway. 

When you ask rapists a lot of them are in denial about what they did was rape. Like literally they’ll justify it as “she didn’t say no! (She was unconscious)”.

As great as these seem what seems to have been forgotten is that sexual predators don’t attack for the sex. They attack for the power and control it gives them. If they can’t get it one way they’ll get it another which could be just as damaging if not life threatening 😢. That’s why self defense needs to be taught.

What I don’t agree with however (and I’m not accusing you of doing this) is the societal response that a victim could have some how encouraged the rape. 

When it comes to taking a stand on crimes against women, we are reminded each time that women always have a past, while men have a future waiting, anxiously to roll out the red carpet for them, under which can be brushed all the wrongs they commit.
It would just be nice to see more in “media” about how we’re dealing with those responsible for committing rape and less about how victims could or could have prevent(ed) it.

Tell me again, how men are under attack because of feminism. And I’ll tell you women need rape whistles, pepper spray, and now this.

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Today, the most exploited orca in Sea World’s history has passed away. RIP.

The life span of killer whales in captivity is only 17 for males and 29 for females. In the wild they live to be over 100. An animal with an average life span of 70 years just died in under 40 in captivity. 

Captivity kills. Does Sea World cares? Nah. This is the real reason Tilikum was so important to them.

Be angry with Sea World but also be angry with the people who keep them in business.

In light of Tilikum’s tragic death, please take  some time out of your day to watch the documentary Blackfish – the film that made the world aware of Tilikum’s plight & of others still suffering in capitvity. No animal, big or small, deserves to be caged for the entirety of its life.

Tilikum. Now you are free.

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Giving back to the society

How often do we find ourself sitting on a cozy couch sipping a cup of hot tea, pondering how life is leading and contemplating in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss? Most of the days…right? After all, we are running a success-marathon which make us relocate far away from our parents, family, and home.

But how many times do we use success for the benefit of the people we leave behind? Uuhhmmm….Well…All of us do but fail to act upon it.

However, there are few who are willing to try out an idea which will help benefit some part of their society in their own ‘big’ way and making a dream come alive for many…a dream, to provide an education that allows rural indian women to become economically stable and gender empowerment, was conceived by Virender (Sam) Singh, a retired head of DuPont South Asia, started Pardada Pardadi (which translates into English as “great grand parents”) in 2000 in Anupshahar, UP. Funded initially with his savings, the school that started with 35 students in 2000 has more than 1,000 enrolled today.

Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES) alongthwith imparting academic education and vocational training is also promises for a guaranteed job. PPES also provides scholarships for girls interested in further education or professional training. It combats every reason that prevents girls from attending school. It offers three meals a day and puts in Rs. 10 in a savings account for each day of school attended, an amount that is redeemable after graduation.

The work of Sam Singh won the Public Service Broadcasting Award for Gandhian Philosophy for the year 2010.

Hats off to PPES for bringing a social change of educating the girls to hold their head high.

*Applaud, Applaud*

How You can Help? You can either donate or sponsor a girl child for a year or find their on-going projects.

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Free the girls – Collect Bra!

Human trafficking is an epidemic that hides behind war, economy, religion, and politics. People are clueless at how many children are held captive. We need to get deeper into the ‘what’, ‘wheres’, and ‘whys’ of trafficking. Don’t assume that traffickers are always men.  One woman sold her own 6 year old daughter and what kind of a man wants such a small child??

Credit: Free The Girls Website

Free the GirlsÂŽ is one such a foot in the door. A non-profit organization that provides job opportunities to women rescued from sex trafficking. It helps raise awareness about human trafficking and provide sustainable job opportunities for women who are rescued out of slavery. It is committed to provide real jobs and real opportunities for trafficking survivors. The women are educated to run their own business and this model has proven very successful for them. They have been able to make almost an average weeks pay in one day. Giving them time to continue their education, take care of their family, and set their own work schedule.

I can’t even begin to imagine what these women have been through, but I do know that we can take a stand and help improve their lives and give them jobs so they never have to go back to that dark place again. Let Bras liberate women from sex slavery.

Kimba Langas is a Co-Founder at Free The Girls which is a cause-focused apparel company launched in August 2010. It was his pastor from church who came with this idea as he was moving to Mozambique for missionary work and wanted her assistance in running the project with him. Kimba likes to refer to herself as an “accidental abolitionist.”  She never knew that this project would become so close to her heart and would fill her house with bras as soon as she launched the Free The Girls Facebook page.

They collect gently used bras and ship those bras to their partner safehouse in Mozambique.  The bras provide initial inventory for women rescued out of sex trafficking to start their own microbusiness selling the bras. Why bras? Let’s accept it, our underwear drawer is most likely stores few bras we don’t wear anymore or that never fit right in the first place. Ironically, owning even one bra is a luxury in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa as a status symbol and a mark of sophistication.

Thanks Free the Girls for helping us help others!!

In the news:

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Lady who is living her dream – *Keepu Lepcha*

The 72-year-old Keepu Lepcha runs a home, the Lepcha cottage set up in 1988, in Gangtok which is perhaps the last stand of the Lepcha community.

Keepu Tsering Lepcha

She is a retired teacher, social activist and a recipient of India‘s fourth highest civilian awared “Padma Shri” along with numerous awards for her contributions to humanity. She was already taking care of 20 children in her home using her own resources before being contacted by “Children of Sikkim Foundation” (COSF), an NGO started by few tourists from Switzerland who visited her cottage during their trip to Gangtok.She recognized the struggle of Lepcha society to deal with poverty and its resultant problems.

She is striving to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of orphans staying in her Lepcha Cottage by ensuring that they get good education. Funds contributed to keep her dream alive and towards a better life for our children comes from Keepu’s pension and donations received via Human Development Foundation of Sikkim (HDFS), one of Sikkim’s best and biggest non-government organizations.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

You can Help by donating or sponsoring a child.

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