My 2018 Reading Challenge

I love reading…rather I enjoy reading but I have got into a habit of putting it off for later and never getting back to it. To encourage myself to read, I have created a list of categories (instead of books) to keep it interesting. Feel free to join me in the challenge or recommend me a book to read in any of the category.

  • Book written by a celebrity
  • Young adult bestseller
  • My husband’s favourite book
  • A prizewinning book
  • Political memoir
  • A Book from Oprah’s book club
  • Book recommended by a friend
  • An Autobiography
  • Book that takes place on an island
  • Book with a blue cover
  • Book with over 500 pages
  • Book with a number in the title
  • Book published this year
  • Book with a one word title
  • Book set in a different country
  • Book by an author I love but haven’t read yet
  • Book based on a true story
  • Book chosen based entirely on cover
  • Book with a colour in the title
  • Book you own but have never read
  • Book by author I have never read before
  • Book made into a film
  • Book by author of different ethnicity
  • Book with weather in the title
  • Book from a celebrity book club
  • Book set in decade I was born
  • Goodreads Choice Awards winner
  • Author with same first or last name as me
  • Book set in country I have never been to
  • Book with a name in the title
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