Getting naughty..

Every woman wants to be beautiful in her husband’s eyes, no matter what her size or age is. She would do just about anything to attain a desirable image for him.

When I got married, I was swamped with me advices on how to survive the long distance relationship as we both had to live in different countries until I get my spouse visa to join my husband. “Ah well, why not? This gotta be fun!“, I thought to myself.

Trust me, maintaining a long distance relationship is like being on a roller-coaster ride without losing emotional balance yet maintaining sanity. Hence, to spice our long-distance romance, I thought of trying something out of my comfort zone – sent naughty-little-revealing pictures of myself to my husband. It is not like if I have gone out of my way to be nice to someone (dunno, like making a nice meal or sourcing the perfect present that he has been talking about for ages) and his response was…. nothing. OUCH!!

For a guy who isn’t used to getting anything like can have a problem deciding the appropriate response and go with absolute minimum so he doesn’t end up saying something dumb. But for my husband who has been in relationships earlier and, just like any man, has also pleased himself to porn/raunchy pics, I got no response/reaction. When I asked him of how it made him “feel”, he said how do you want me to feel considering the fact we had a conversation (read: tiff) earlier to do that and you decided to feel horny after that. Well dear husband, that was my way of cooling you down (could be virual make-up s** whilst being miles away from you).

When you are in an unexpectedly new situation that you have never been in before, it’s very easy to second guess yourself out of common sense. I didn’t do it for the validation so much as I want to show him I am thinking about him which makes me horny during the day, and to let him know that he is special. If I want to fulfill some exhibitionist desires and get meaningless validation about my looks, I will post them on social network (ofcourse under a different name).

A simple – ‘damn baby you look great! I miss you and can’t wait to see/jump you later is all the response I expect(ed) to get. I was expecting you know a winky face back or anything.

If he wanted, he could have told me how hot I looked, how I made him feel because of it, hard horny etc., or how much he wants me to beside him followed by what I would want to do to her. Something along those lines I think, hmm. If he would continue with that train then maybe I would try to make it literotical.

I was not expecting him to respond with a sexy pic in return (or could if he wants to? ;)). I understand that the male body isn’t sexualized nearly as much but “out of the shower in towel” shots, “Grabbing for my dick in underwear” shots and something with forearms in it doesn’t require a body made of granite. So yeah, if he did, I would indeed reply with something maybe more sexual.

It seems, sometimes guys wouldn’t get a hint if it knocked on the door and introduced itself.

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