My hubby’s British sense of humor…

Married to an amazing British guy, I have actively made a conscious effort to learn the angle of British humour. (Yes, Mr K, you read it right!).

But it was not so easy as it sounds. There were huffs and puffs caused due to his occasional witty, tongue-in-cheek comment. I found myself in situations where I just couldn’t tell if it was harmless remark/ banter or a serious conversation. It might tickle some people, however my brain is fortunately or unfortunately wired differently to function at a different wavelength.

I have grown up in India and its globally known that Indian humour lacks sarcasm (i.e. Chandler Bing type of humour) but I grew up watching a fair share of Friends and and have briefly worked for few years in US as well. In both places, there is a time and place for humor. In England, this seems not to be the case.

I still am struggling to get his unique Brit humour. But I would agree that it is teaching me (in a harsh way) to not take myself too seriously. It also makes light of tough situations, which is a good thing (sometimes) because when things look grim, it definitely helps to laugh.

Mr K’s humor is almost always deadpan – there will be no sign in red neon lights telling you ‘This Is The Joke’…rather a playful exchange of verbal sparring delivered with a smiling face and no apology. Basically, humour is his default setting – he is always looking to spice up our day with a sprinkle of laughter.

Ah, well!! 🙂

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