Perception IS reality

We all have strengths and weaknesses. I think that mine are pretty obvious.

I am experienced…but that may make me more rigid in my beliefs.

I am opinionated…but also prone to rubbing people the wrong way.

I am emotional…but it can be hard for logical people to connect with me.

I am balanced…but that can be frustrating when I want someone to pamper me.

Some men might think I am a sell-out to woman for demanding better behavior from men. Some women think I favor men because I often play devil’s advocate with women.

The only reason I bring this up is because I think it’s important to know how I am perceived by others. Believe me, the truth hurts, and it’s far easier to not acknowledge others’ perceptions at all. I mean seriously, do you think it feels good to confess that I can be perceived as cold, stubborn and rigid? Of course not.

And while I may not entirely agree with the assessment myself, the point is that perception IS reality. There’s how you see yourself. There’s how others see you. The two don’t always line up.

After all, you do FEEL insecure. I look in the mirror and see an attractive woman who, I believe, is kind and generous to loved ones. I am bright and competent at work.

So, how dare I feel insecure?

This is where perception becomes reality. Because it doesn’t matter if I feel secure if I ACT insecure. If I am in a relationship where I give but don’t receive. If I are afraid to have an authentic conversation with my partner. I have acted insecure.

These actions send a loud and clear subliminal message to any one: I don’t value myself enough to speak my mind. I don’t value myself enough to demand fair treatment. I don’t value myself enough to expect commitment. And if I don’t value myself enough to expect more from anyone, I will continue to get less than I deserve from them.

I can’t help but wonder if I want to make any changes in my life or am I undeserving for love and affection from anyone..

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3 thoughts on “Perception IS reality

  1. This is a very brave analysis, and thank you for it. I know I am in a place of reevaluating my sense of self-worth and the necessary changes to achieve the most for it. The events of the past year have played a critical role in exposing some weak spots I was apparently oblivious to. I am ever hopeful that I will close those gaps much sooner than I have ever before.

  2. Stay the course!

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