Utterly, Butterly, Delicious!!!

Image Source: India Today

Image Source: India Today

Every child is thrilled and often found dressing up like their favorite mascots on their eateries, and so did I. My mother made me believe that I resembled the Amul girl and tricked me in drinking Amul milk and eating Amul dairy products because of it. (Ah..parenting!!)

Amul girl – This is one mascot who has never ‘misundertood’ and her point is always taken with a pinch of butter by every Indian. Her sarcasm is equally thought-provoking even though as funny as she can be. She is faster than our daily newspaper, and is believed to have more fans than most Bollywood superstars. From politicians to bollywood superstars to cricketers to common man, everyone have been featured with Amul Girl. I believe she is the only one who’s extra bit of cheekiness was not intended but never denied either.

The Amul ads have often been described as one of the best Indian Advertising concepts because of their humor, with puns being its forte, and their penchant of picking up on current events to bring home a point.

As one of the Indian advertisement guru, Bharat Dabholkar, aptly describes her “The utterly butterly Amul girl was one of the best political commentators we have ever had”.

Who is your favorite mascot?

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