Monday Meeting – A Bus Driver Makes An Unexpected Stop

A simple gesture goes a long waay! If only everyone can be as compassionate and if not help but at the least, stop and comfort someone, it might save someone from distress.

Sometimes I wonder why are we so scared of stopping and giving a helping hand – is it because we are afraid what others might think, afraid of the legal regulations, or simply cos we are brought up to stay away from trouble.

Lets make a stranger smile – each day every day!

Soul Gatherings

When Andre Grandin, a bus driver in Sweden, suddenly made an unexpected stop and ditched his bus with passengers still inside no one complained. Andre interrupted the bus journey between Vara and Lidkoping in southern Sweden when he saw 10-year-old Emilia Behrendtz crying at the side of the road.

After comforting the poor crying girl, witnesses say the driver climbed back on to the bus “without a word” and drove on as if nothing had happened. It later transpired that the girl had been crying due to being bullied by other children. This picture of the heartwarming scene was captured by Emma Gustaffsson, a passenger on the bus.

bus driver

After being posted online by Emma Gustaffsson, the picture has got well over 50,000 interactions on Facebook and been retweeted over 5,000 times on Twitter.

When Andre Grandin was tracked down by the Swedish press, he told the Expressen newspaper that it’s…

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3 thoughts on “Monday Meeting – A Bus Driver Makes An Unexpected Stop

  1. Hats off to this guy who stopped the bus to console a small girl on the road.
    I think if this guy had been in India and done the same act, he would have invited trouble for himself. Here nobody wants to help anyone in distress. If you are walking on a road and you see some unusual happening, you would run away from the spot as if you had not seen anything. If you move ahead to do anything, you would be seen as a suspicious character in the act. I think one should have the courage to face all the odds and give a helping hand to the person who is facing some kind of trouble. At last when will be so strong to come forward to show our strength. I hope all should understand the value of strength..

    • I get what you mean. I would not say that its only in India where people are less compassionate as where this instance took place (outside India), people would have passed that girl too. Every person should take a pledge to help someone in distress, not with money but with love too, as sometimes its all one needs.

  2. Thank you for the re-blog.

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