I am right, but I may be wrong!

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” ― L.M. Montgomery

Surely a nice thought!! But, we all make mistakes, even stupid silly mistakes. How many mistakes would you admit to have made in our life…One mistake? You should be so lucky. Couple of them? Ah, you don’t have to embarrassed as I have made dozens…and I still make mistakes – though new mistakes. I try not to make any of them twice and definitely have a long list of lessons learnt. God alone knows, well not alone but I do too, that I am not perfect. I have made tons of stupid mistakes, and like a dumb-wit, later I regretted them too. Whoa! a cycle of hollow joy and vicious self-hatred. But even so, every time I learnt something about myself (pretty fascinating)…and about life (intriguing!).

The only things that one should never regret are one’s mistakes – it’s the way we make amends.. So, don’t stop making them and never carry them forward into the future but learn to move on. Do not chain yourself to the mistakes you made. Making mistakes isn’t a crime. We are bound to make mistakes…after all we have so many options but we make a choice. So, don’t confuse poor decision-making with destiny (although we do so!). As long as we take the trouble to learn from them, we must never feel bad about making mistakes. It is important that we forgive ourselves for making mistakes. Whether or not we admit then or not, mistakes are mistakes. We should never regret our mistakes. Afterall, mistakes are choices which we made. Mistakes are choices to be learned from. We can’t avoid every mistake. We have made mistakes which we are not proud of, but some of those were worth committing. For we often learn more by being wrong for the right reasons than we do by being right for the wrong reasons. No matter how bad the experience caused due to the mistake, it did teach us something. We never stop learning, do we? None of us. Once we realize and accept that there is life after mistakes, we gain a self-confidence that never goes away.

Yes, we make the choice which leads to a mistakes, but we also have the choice to choose what things we allow in to make marks upon our lives. It is okay to be untouched by darkness. Experience is not always a positive thing, it can affect a person in such a way. Don’t care about *new* mistakes you are going to make, take care that you don’t just repeat older ones. Stop letting your past mistakes define you and affect your value. Find meaning in what you have been through. We all have the potential to do terrible things. But we also have the potential to overcome our mistakes. Trust yourself. And remember, God allows U-turns…!

One of the things that defines our character is how we handle mistakes. If we lie about having made a mistake, then it can’t be corrected and it fester. If I do mess things up, I don’t try to hide it. I don’t try to rationalize it. I recognize, admit and learn from it. I have a long list of lessons learnt and I should say that even if I don’t know what I want from life, I definitely know what I don’t want.

It is one thing to make a mistake; it is another thing to keep making it. We all err sometimes; sometimes we do wrong things unintentionally, sometimes things have bad consequences. But it does not mean we are evil, or that we cannot be trusted ever afterward. Many people are angry when they make a mistake, but very few people have the sense to be sorry. All mistakes are good and all experiences are worthwhile – we make our discoveries.

Now go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. What if you made a mistake? Are you telling me there’s only one chance? Make mistakes and then go home and think about it so that you do not repeat it again. I want to tell you, that there are so many experiences in life that you’re better off not experiencing. Sometimes we know we are taking a risk, but we always hope for the best. We hope that our mistakes will be forgiven, or at least forgotten.

Nobody notices the sorrows and pains, but everyone notices the mistakes which we make. Instead of blaming ourself for something we cannot undo, we should transform our mistakes from a stumbling block into a stepping stone. I don’t think it’s weak to admit you made a mistake. Make sure your mistakes are your own, not somebody else’s. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect. Sometimes a “mistake” can end up being the best decision you ever make.

Am not in denial of my mistakes. I do not wish to have an option of undo-ing the things I erred. I would do it all again to have the life I have now. I read the following somewhere:

Suppose I were to give you a key ring […] with a hundred keys, and I were to tell you that one of these keys will unlock it, this door we’re imagining opening in onto all you want to be, as a player. How many of the keys would you be willing to try?’
‘Well I’d try every darn one,’ Rader tells Lyle.
‘Then you are willing to make mistakes, you see. You are saying you will accept 99% error.

You would have heard or might have been told that “I am right, but I may be wrong! Yes, we know you are right but you may be wrong!” is one of the greatest ever statement that can keep you at peace with others. I believe it to kindle sparks as it seems like tugging the wrong chord…so I suggest to just put it behind you or forget that I reminded you of it.

Don’t try to be perfect. That’s life: messy, confusing, heartbreaking, but wonderful. All any of us can do is to try to be our best and to learn from our mistakes, as well as our victories.

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