Disconnect to Reconnect

Today’s blog title is inspired by the punch line Disconnect to Reconnect of Digital Detox. Not only is the title, but my post is inspired by them too. I stumbled upon their website when I was frustratingly searching ways of how to be digitally disconnected in this wired world…guilt-free. Technology has given us the freedom to be connected anytime and anywhere, thus leading us suffering with Nomophobia or Internet addiction disorder (IAD). Did you know about this? I didn’t until I read it in a newspaper article. I bet half of us are suffering with IAD without realizing that we do. One of the symptom is when we disconnect from people around us to virtually connect with people.

Wow, the impact technology has on our everyday life is so amazing that it interferes with daily life without letting us know. It always seems to be in such a NY_Familyconstant state of flux that we run to keep up! Some of these changes require very little of us. For example, when our computer notifies us of a software update, most of us just agree to it, and the machine does all of the work. However, it is not always that easy. Sometimes the learning curve for even the simplest things can overwhelm us to the point we wonder if it’s actually worth it! Look at all the latest cell phones in the market. If you or any one in your family have shopped for a new phone recently, you maybe aware that new phones have many more features than most of us will ever need or use. My point is that although this sophisticated technology makes many things in life easier and faster, but if we are not mindful, it can become more complicated than we need and can even isolate us from one another.

I was struck by something the other day while sitting in a coffee shop with my girlfriends. I noticed a couple nearby who seemed to be deep in conversation, but oddly they weren’t making eye contact with one another. I could see them talking back and forth, but instead of looking at one another, they were each staring at their phones and tapping their fingers on the screen. This incident stayed with me because the couple seemed to lack human contact. Probably they were breaking up and didn’t want to make eye contact, is how I am reasoning the incident. I couldn’t help but wonder if technology is interfering with our lives and intruding on our ability to be fully present with those sitting with us.
My girlfriends and I discussed about this incident and before concluding the incident to be a direct reflection of technology interference, we thought of trying an experiment. We decided to make an effort to maintain eye contact with one another and to be fully present with everyone we met for the remaining day. We thought it would be an easy challenge, but interestingly, that wasn’t the case. Yes, it turned out to be a good exercise and a reminder to strive to be in the moment and to try not to get lost in a virtual world.
Next day, we met and shared our experiences to discover that once we become aware of our habits, we realize how much time we spend lost in our thoughts or digitally connected, even while interacting with others. I am glad I did this because it really reminded me how easy it is to isolate ourselves from our surroundings and from people around us in an attempt to be digitally present in a virtual world!
Friends, are you up for a challenge? Pre-define a certain time during a day, say few hours in the evening when you are likely to be digitally active and surrounded by family or friends, and be mindful of your actions and the people around you or you meet. When you are greeting someone, try to connect with them through your eyes or with a heartfelt sincere smile. These are interactions that can never be replaced by technology. And who knows – You may be the person who brought a smile on their face that day! And on the other side, you may also find yourself feeling more content and fulfilled having really connected with them!
If you did try this exercise, I would love to hear from your experience 🙂
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One thought on “Disconnect to Reconnect

  1. Yes, every thing has pros and cons but we neglect the cons for the pros in this case.

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