Why I love my brother?

Few days back few parts of the world celebrated Siblings Day – a day to celebrate the sibling bond. In India, we have a similar day, known as Raksha Bandhan in India, when an embellished thread is tied around the brother’s wrist to celebrate the unique bond between a brother and a sister. Anyways, I don’t believe I need a day to celebrate my bond with my brother because every day was a sibling day during my growing years. Only after I moved out for college, those bickering and playful bullying came to a pause, and I was reminded that my brother is so much more special…an existence of the person who could be my best friend and dreaded rival all in one.

My younger brother is like an angel to make sure my life is full happiness. He resembled a tiny Buddha when he was a child and I tease-love-ingly called him “Golu” which in English translation would be ‘Fatso’ (in a cute way!!) as he had chubby pink cheeks. Although now he doesn’t have that resemblance of big Buddha belly but has the innate qualities that is said to give energy of joy and laughter to everyday life – measured, patient and calm. I resist squeezing his cheeks now and saying weird grandma-ish things like “I remember when you were a BABY” whenever I see him as now he has turned into a gentleman having a sensitive and gentle demeanor!! He always have had a dry sense of humor, a deep love of food, an infectious laughter, and a tendency to keep things to himself… and he still does. 🙂

Having a brother to love is a special thing to have in life and reasons are countless. Let me count few things for why I love him…

  • Because he is as bighearted as anyone can imagine. His heart is twice as large as normal human heart because he has so much love to give.
  • Because he is liked by everyone—yes…literally everyone.
  • Because he is actually the easiest one to be around.
  • Because he has “grace” and “class” written into his DNA.
  • Because he has his head and heart in the right places and if not, he pretty much knows how to balance it. Thus, he is able to make well-informed decisions.
  • Because he acts like an older brother sometimes. It’s nice to have him watching out for me.
  • Because he sets goals and knows exactly what steps he will take to accomplish them.
  • Because he gifts me the Apple products, even without an occasion…Yay! Yay!
  • Because he stays determined and focused despite all of life’s obstacles.
  • Because he is the best link to my past and (I know for sure) who would stick with me in the future. A familiarity that can’t possibly be available to me in any relationship throughout my life.

And my favorite reason why I love him so much: He is MY brother!!

Read The Sibling Effect http://www.businessinsider.com/sibling-effect-jeffrey-kluger-2011-9?op=1#ixzz2tRTX4WBq

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4 thoughts on “Why I love my brother?

  1. southernhon

    I love my brother, but we’re currently estranged. 😦

  2. Aaniyah Collins

    I think I was around three or four years old when my mom and dad split up. It was a big emotional scar for the rest of my life. Ever since my mom has gotten married to this wonderful and amazing guy, he supports my mom and us, by us I mean me and my brother. I’m sure it has been difficult for him too, he just doesn’t show it. He always is there to comfort me and love me when I’m sad and says that is wasn’t my fault and that we have an amazing step dad, and he’s right. One thing about my brother is that he doesn’t think about his feelings and is always there to help me and my mom. Everytime I yell at him because I’m frustrated or angry he always is there and tells me that he loves me, and doesn’t even mind the fact that I just yelled at him. Sometimes I get mad at him for it because I need to be mad at someone and I want someone to be mad at me, but he doesn’t get mad, and I’m very thankful to have a brother like him.

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