It’s time to be Socially Responsible!

*Opinion expressed in this post are solely mine and has been influenced by my observations and surroundings only. I do not belong or support any political party but strongly support ‘doing your bit’ philosophy.*

India is a beautiful country which offers astounding diversity of religions, languages and cultures…and negative mindsets in the society. I am embarassed to admit but majority of Indians still live with religion-imposed fears and beliefs, which are induced since birth and used as bait by politicians. I am not writing this to support any particular political party as they promise “will do” but fail to deliver at the end of their tenure. And surprisingly, they have inductive reasoning too!!

India enjoyed the election season (and ofcourse cricket!) and India kicks off world’s biggest election. Its fun during the election campaigns. No, literally!! Everyone is nit-picking about their opponent party and trying to win the blame-game “Sonia slams Modi; says opposition shedding ‘crocodile tears'” – Really?!!

Condition in India is brought to light during election campaigns when one party highlights the faults of existing Political Party and how it impacted the citizens. Why were they so quiet and not running such ‘awareness’ campaigns when they actually saw that the ruling party is faltering or not paying attention? Waiting for the crimes to rise so that they can pin-point it in next election campaigns to win brownie points. Their speeches are mostly about “I will do so and so for what happened”. How about “I did such and such despite not being elected”?

How can they blame economic conditions as they used our tax money is being spent in rallies in cities which they visited during droughts or during election campaigns? Street advertising, TV promotions, texts, automated calls, etc – Phew! They can be so creative to seek attention. What about Action speaks Louder than words? Suddenly there are TV advertisements informing the availability of free supplements (for iron deficiency and such) for children in government hospitals/free clinics. Why so much of concern for health for the poors? How about going in each houses in each villages in distributing it or handing it along with each free meal in government/municipal schools? World celebrated Earth Hour but many parts of India celebrates it every day while getting electricity only for few hours.

As of 2012, India has an estimated population of 1.2 billion (which I believe are the reported numbers only), is it logical for one PM to ensure the social, economic, environmental and well-being of such a huge population?

Since the Delhi Rape case, suddenly everyone is holding up the flag for women empowerment and blaming the running political party for the mishap. They are actually talking about preventive measures after a year:
Rahul Gandhi in Odisha: “We will be bringing many women police stations which will be run only by women.” What stopped him so long? Elected or not elected, why can’t he take an action?
Sonia Gandhi in Mewat: I urge people not to be influenced by what opposition parties are saying.
Narendra Modi in Assam: Children sleep hungry and families cannot afford meals twice a day due to high prices.
Narendra Modi in Assam: Children from Northeast are not safe in Delhi. Is Congress doing anything to protect them?

@jmmanchanda on Twitter rightly says “Do women police stations really help? Extend healthcare, education & jobs to women & promptly punish those offending them.”

And best of all, Finance Minister stating: “I am not contesting this election because I want to do certain other things in my life.” Wow, what took him so long to realize?

Dear politicians, its time to be socially responsible!

What I loved about elections:  Petrol price cut by 75 paise a litre, diesel hike put off, no major crimes reported across country, deals to lure candidates to vote.

Can’t even say “Let the best party win” as we will come to know until next elections. And…I will not tell whom I will vote but I will be a socially responsible.



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One thought on “It’s time to be Socially Responsible!

  1. This holds true in the present scenario. Politicians during the election come out with very attractive schemes but they are unable to reveal to the public what they had done for the last four years. Their action should have spoken lounder than their words, had they been more public oriented. The current youth who are going to vote for the first time will change the way of governance in the elections. A huge amount of money is spent by politicians on their campaigns which otherwise could have been spent in infrastructure and welfare of the public. This is a eye opener for us…

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