I read: Parallel by Lauren Miller

“The delicious, semiconscious, edge-of-wonderland kind of sleep, where I’m awake enough to control my dreams but asleep enough to forget that I’m doing it.”

First thing first – I was attracted to the book cover…truly captivating. Isn’t it gorgeous? If I ever get around to writing and selling a book I really hope that my cover art is as gorgeous and as intriguing as the cover of Parallel. What is there to not like about it? Parallel

I love the show Fringe and the idea of parallel universes fascinated me. The idea that your life is constantly changing because the past hasn’t happened yet is so unique and fascinating. The idea that there’s another me, existing somewhere, making choices and taking a path that I wouldn’t take myself, generally makes for a lot of fun what-ifs scenarios. This past year the idea of parallel lives seems to be one of the trends. Instead of sprinkling the world with a little bit of every topic under the sun we seem to be bombarded with books that are very similar in nature. Oddly enough, it is such a cool topic to think about.

**No spoilers here: Don’t worry!!**

The story weaves back and forth between the past and the present to unravel some of the mysteries of parallel universes. Though complex, the story isn’t confusing and the author discusses complex scientific theories like a pro which normally would confuse an average person. She also makes them incredibly entertaining and fascinating thus creating an entire scientific reason behind them. That’s what we tackle here in Parallel, the possibilities of certain actions, big or little as they are, as well as the consequences of it.

Sounds intriguing yet spooky, eh!! Have you ever wondered if there is a parallel you in a parallel world? I am not too fond of mysteries of parallel universes, however Lauren Miller, the author, tied things together without confusing and made everything easy to follow so much so that the ending was something that I predicted, since it just tied everything together neatly. I liked it, but I also thought it was too easy. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a really interesting twist that would have sold me on the book alone.

I really enjoyed the character-making and how they changed with each decision that Abbey (protagonist) made. It’s intriguing to know how new decisions made in the past affects Abby’s present in an entirely new way, almost as if it were being overwritten. It is enjoyable to get caught up in and allow yourself to think about how many ways your own life might have turned out. Just the thought of how one seemingly small decision can alter the trajectory of your life made my mind race.

Can our destiny be altered by one simple choice or reaction to a choice? Or are we born and confined to one true destiny regardless of the choices we make? These questions are addressed by an awesome scientist character, Dr. Mann. He’s a really interesting character, because he’s a scientist who has written theories about parallel worlds and how they might collide.

My Two Cents: I was not disappointed in the least but not impressed either. I am not a great fan this genre but I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a light Young Adult Sci-fi book with a lot of mystery and a bit of love!

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