My dad read my blog…

Trust me, I was apprehensive about unveiling my blog to my dad. My family knew that I write a blog but understood that I am not ready to share it with them. I started blogging for different reasons and since I write how I feel for many things which might be socially correct but not morally right. Nonetheless,  past week I look past my fear-mongering and sent him my blog link on Whatsapp. Next day, when I returned home from work, I saw my dad’s email waiting for me in my inbox. Here is a snippet:

My sweetheart,

Well I do not know from where to start or how to express my feelings for you. I have shortage of words but can say “EXCELLENT”. I read some of your posts specially the one written for your mummy on her birthday. I could not believe how true facts you have mentioned about your relationship with her. I would say that you are really a “Genius”. I also read comments on your blog from persons who liked your posts. It shows that you have reached a stage where you are being admired by people of all ages. I feel proud of you.

Lots of love to you,


How cool is that?? Especially coming from my dad who doesn’t express until coaxed..:)blog 5 pic

There are few relationships more treasured than that of a father and his daughter. Women all over the world grow up but always remain “daddy’s little girl.” Daughter’s need more than just their father’s financial support. They need their love, their time, their guidance and their presence in their every day life. Fatherhood is underestimated and nobody seems to talk about how important it is. Few father’s truly understand the magnitude of influence they have in what type of young adult emerges in their daughters. They wonder why their daughters make bad choices in careers, lifestyle, dates, etc.

My father and I – yes, we agree to disagree on certain issues but that does not mean that his opinions aren’t worth listening to because the facts conflict with my current state of moral relativism. We might not reach a middle ground however these differences make our relationship healthy as there is no pretense.

He always believed that one should teach their child how to navigate this road of life by reading the road signs. He gave my brother and I enough of a moral compass to be able to negotiate the world through good decisions, and not by strong-arming us into a stunted adulthood. During our growing years, he provided participative structure and open communication with dialogue of boundaries and borders. And still do…we have honest and upfront communications with each other which make ours a special bond. His advices are succinct and practical and yet sensitive and sage.

Instead of “because I say so” he leads by example of being a person who consciously work towards the absence of hypocrisy. Genuine, honest, human warmth and love before dogma and one-dimensional authority figures. He did not know any better yet he profoundly shaped every part of my life.

A daughter is often tied up in what she thinks her father thinks about her. Well, I turned out all right!!

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5 thoughts on “My dad read my blog…

  1. Great Post! The cartoon went great with it as well.

  2. I love this post, and you make some great points about what daughters need from their fathers, so much more than once realized. So glad your dad is who you need him to be, and such a lovely note to get from him!

    • Thank you so much Bonnie!! Daughter are precious little girls but fatherhood is hardly given the due credit as motherhood takes the spotlight 😉 (Yes mom, you are a sweetheart too!!)

  3. So cool!

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