Her story: His story

Often than not, this is what starts pushing a relationship to an end, ain’t it?
  • We stop communicating but start assuming.
  • We stop validating our love but how we frequently inadvertently invalidate each other without realizing it
  • We stop seeing we love each other so much but start seeing how we could rip each other to shreds in times of conflict.
  • We stop becoming less aware and more reactive.
  • We hesitate to take that extra step but never to step back thus creating the distance.
  • We complain about space but shrug away an after-fight hug.
  • We miss romantic dinners for two but we eat dinner while watching tv at home.
  • We start noticing the grey hair but not the wisdom which comes with it.
  • We forget the loving conversations but do remember what the last fight was about.
  • We put our heart in creating our vows but not so much in keeping them.
  • We miss the long hand-in-hand walks but don’t walk our partner to the door when they leave for work.
  • We ache for sweet-nothings but often do not realize the ache our hard words cause.
  • We long for a passionate kiss but not enough to keep the passion alive.
  • We look deep into the eyes not to find what lies beneath it but to find the lies in it.
  • We have advice on what could have been done but never what should be done.
  • We hear the words but never listen to the feelings behind them.
  • We love the feeling of falling in love but forget the feeling of being in love!!


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2 thoughts on “Her story: His story

  1. So well said!

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