Friendship: Uncomplicated!!

It can sometimes seem…that we’re on the lookout for perfect people. But if you think about it, if we picked only perfect people as friends, who’d be picking us?

No matter what stage in life we are in, we need friends for sharing our experiences whether its good or bad. They are our mental `lifesavers’ and without them we do much worse and are more woundable. Like our family, our friends are the reason for the persons we are and participate in shaping our life as we grow.

Friendship ranks right up there with fulfilling work, a happy personal life and good health. In fact satisfying friendships often positively affect 544-Facebook-friendsone’s  work, personal and health. Throughout our lives, friendships are among the most enduring and treasured relationships. They are often complex and of many variations: old friends, new friends, lifetime friends, close friends, casual friends, etc. It seems in this fast-paced world the relationships with friends seem to be one of the most challenging and it can be a benefit or detriment to us and our lives.

Our friendships change as our life does. It changes throughout life; from childhood and the single years, through marriage and on to the end of our life. We form new friends by moving, change in interests, entering a new school or getting a new job, a promotion or a new sport. Friendships are seldom static, and they evolve, grow, deepen and sometimes even wither and fade away.

Luckily I have been blessed with the friends which I have in my life and which I make – who don’t  demand, control or keep count of all favors done by them, reminding me just how helpful they have been giving the impression I owe them. They have been able to nurture me rather than control or take away from the person I really am. Understanding the changes that friendships go through is the first step to helping them last – to understand why some of my friendships have lasted 20 years and others only 20 minutes! I have often discovered why I may maintain a relationship with someone I instinctively prefer to hold at arm’s length, and why I sometimes manage to lose touch with someone I hold dear. Friendships are an enormous part of my life and to understand them better, and to understand myself better, is nothing short of a blessing to me.

In this lonesome world where families may be far away and we are more and more interacting with robots not human beings, friendship is more important than ever. Friendship is still a most curious and complicated relationship based on feelings. I would never have made different choices!! Friends exist because of shared feelings but we should be cautious of betraying confidences. I am  grateful to make new friendships but also to be able to nurture my old friendships.

I believe that you have to be a good friend and you have to reach out. Thanks to people I met along the way, I am a stronger and wiser person right now.


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