Burano – Cheeriest little Island


Amazing colorful pictures, ain’t it? Color lifts me up and in a place like this, can one ever get sad or low. I bet not!

Burano is an old fishing village, and the fishing traditions of Burano date back to Roman times. Legend says that the fishermen painted their houses in bright colors so when they were coming home in the fog, they knew whose house was whose. Fishing is not the only source of income for Burano. The art of lace making has played a large role in Burano’s history.

Fun fact: If you live on Burano and wish to paint your house, you must send a letter to the government, and they’ll reply telling you which colors you’re allowed to paint your lot. And, if you want to change the color of your house, you have to send in a request to the government.

Such places make me sigh and dreamy!! This beautiful, vibrant little island which has a story of its own. It goes on my must-visit place!!

For more information on Burano: Click here.

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2 thoughts on “Burano – Cheeriest little Island

  1. I want to go and hope I do someday. Thanks so much!

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