Urban dictionary defines Valentines-less-ness (High-five!!, if you are hearing this word for the first time too.) as:

A term used to describe not having a valentine on Valentine’s Day. Often leads to depression and sleep deprivation. Many people are subject to Valentines-less-ness because they are the “Just friends” kind of person.

Well, if valentine is not subjective to a boyfriend and girlfriend only, I still feel its valentine:

  • When my mom kisses me and says “You are one in a million”
  • When my father asks me “Oh, you worked so late today? You must be tired.”
  • When my brother tells me “Don’t worry, party all night. Call me when it’s over and I will come to pick you up.”
  • When my cousin tells me “I have fixed a blind date with my co-worker who I feel is right for you.”
  • When I am moodless, and my friend quickly says “Lets go and have a drink!”
  • When my best friend hugs me and says “It’s not fun without you.”
  • When my four-legged miracle greeted me excitedly when I returned home and licked my face.
  • When I see people around me in love, which lets me know that love still exists!!
  • When the shop owner gives me a free warm cookie along with my chai.
  • When a stranger makes your day by handing you a loving note. Not in a creepy way! Brooklyn-based freelancer Erika Anderson, like last year, invited about 50 people to her house for a valentine-making party, where the group made over 1000 love-notes using handmade paper. If you happen to be in New York, you might get lucky to get a Valentine note of your own! Erika will ride the A, C, and F trains through Crown Heights and the Lower East Side. Hopefully you’ll see her or another member of the #ArmyOfLovers. Her friend in San Francisco is extending the movement to the West Coast.


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