Thats how Valentine should be…


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Exactly, that’s how Valentine is celebrated today? A mega commercial and red-hearted Day where Hallmark claims that love is in the air and tugs the romantic chord of the sentimental fools who buy high-priced roses, tasteless candy hearts and stuffed bears, and an expensive dinner-for-two…neither a necessity nor necessarily.

On my way to work today, all I could see was color Red…everywhere. Red roses, Red balloons, Red Heart shaped cakes, Teddies with I-Love-You red heart…and Two-to-Tango dinner offers. Urrghh!! Enough to hate me Red for few weeks. And there is still 2 days to go.

Valentine is synonymous to big heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, red roses and, of course, romance. In my defence, February 14th should be reframed as a good excuse to eat great food and indulge in some fine drink without harping the Valentine’s day.

All the romantic lads and ladies, how about celebrating Valentine each day:

  • Thinking of all the silly, spunky, sexy and loving things that would make your partner instantly smile and brings a glint in their eyes.
  • What small little gestures make them feel more loved and passionate? *It’s ok if you happen read between the lines*
  • Making a I-took-the-time-to-make-this-because-I-care-enough-about-you card instead of purchasing one.
  • Taking a walk down memory lane together – digging out old photos. It’s great to have an excuse to enjoy those pictures that get stowed away and forgotten about!
  • Cuddling with your partner on a couch and watching this-was-our-first movie together.
  • Letting them talk freely about their dreams without interrupting and then help them create those dreams
  • Renewing dreams that might have been taken for granted over time.
  • Turning off your cell phone and computer so that you are not tempted to be interrupted during your time of together-ness.
  • Making an effort on Valentine’s Day try to keep up with your sentiments the rest of the year as well
  • Saying I Love You and hugging a lot during the day and ending the day with one-to-many of the Disney Kiss!!
  • (If single) Treating yourself to a spa. Take a long drive back home and then stay in and watch that romantic movie on TV. Order in your favorite meal and sip wine. Who said that one needs company to love themselves?

Cautionary Note: DON’T propose on this day – there’s a difference between cute cheesy, and way-too cheesy. It’s a fine line!!

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