If we had just____________

How many times do we have an opportunity to have an insignificant event play an important point in our life, that we don’t even realize the significance? A single moment in time can dramatically alter the course of our life in significant ways. We have all had those moments where we wonder how different things would have turned out if we had just____________.

Everyone’s life is one big “What if” and everyone would agree that it is an intriguing life concept. What if I could go back to major junctions in my life and take the other path? What if there’s an alternate life for me somewhere, out there, where the cumulative sum of my choices leads to a better reality, a happier and more fulfilling existence? On the flip-side – what if, at the end of the day, I really can’t achieve a solid grip on these things, no matter how hard I try?


Have you ever had that urge to take one road and found a way to talk yourself out of it, only to end up stuck in traffic wishing you had listened to your instinct? Many a times I have had a hunch of doing something (could be calling an old friend or writing a check or sharing an idea with my management) and if I dont listen to it, I wished if only I had. And sometimes, when I do, it’s like Deja Vu!!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to KNOW EXACTLY what would happen with each choice? The ability to look down both of those roads and decide which one has the better outcome. I have been thinking a lot lately about worlds within worlds and how I might enjoy it. No, I have not taken the philosophical life but this weekend I saw the movie Sliding Doors – how we get to see how life can turn out if we take the other path. So does the movie tag line: “Change one thing. Change everything.”

But…if I had a life-altering decision to make, wouldn’t I want to know which choice to make? Stay or leave? Remember or forget? Both outcomes before I made it? At a crossroad that will change everything, I surely will be tempted to be able to see my own two possible choices before making a decision which bares both its benefits and consequences thus leading to unexpected outcomes which includes both love and loss.

Knowing both paths doesn’t necessarily make choosing any easier. In fact, sometimes being cognizant is even harder. With the proper balance of satisfaction and anticipation, trying to figure out where my decision would take me and how it is going to end…without giving any spoilers. Would I have decided to relocate to Mumbai after being cocooned in Delhi for 16 years? Naah!! From time to time, I like it when I am stumped, frantic and half-crazed, wondering what next.


Changing reality isn’t truly the answer to happiness. Its what small events in life end up resulting to, whether it be the biggest event in our life or a small one.  That sense of eagerness fpr the moment. Optimism for the future. That feeling that makes dark days lighter and light days brighter. Yes, that feeling!! As they say in the movie, Sliding Doors – “You can’t play God. Time will catch up to you no matter what you do to change it.

Okay – that’s a lot of power which terrifies me. I often wonder what determines my future: random quirks of fate or the decisions I make. There are indeed no coincidences in life and that everything happens for a reason. No matter which road I choose to take, in the end, I will end up exactly where or who I am supposed to be with. I am a firm believer that we make our own destiny with just a little sprinkle of fate to help us on the way!! 🙂

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