Who is MissUnderstood Genius??


Secret is out!! Few of my blogger friends curiously have asked me the story behind my blog name. Calvin and Hobbes is to be blamed however sneaked in an ‘s’ to Mis(s)understood to add a female touch!! 🙂

Why did I start blogging? Because I spoke my mind which led people to misunderstand me as it never came out clearly enough when I tried to speak. With time, I found it a little difficult to put across my thoughts and opinions with people who know me as then the conversation was biased as often advises were masked with a shield to protect me from the pitfalls of my decision. They don’t enforce me with theirs but they want to ensure that I have weighed it enough.

And sometimes, the advice is also layered with a social lace. Indian society lives under a constant social pressure and certain rules are to be subtly abided by (and unmarried ME in her 30s is no less than a national issue). As much as I respect them, I do not see any reason to made to feel guilty if one does not. Each dodge the rules to fit theirs but others are questioned if they do. Being a late bloomer when it came to keeping my thoughts to myself and learning to speak what people actually wanted to hear, I often wondered why did they discuss if they only want to hear what they want to hear. Everyone pretends to be ‘free thinkers’ but they don’t want someone to challenge their thinking process and lose their grasp on reality. Isn’t a conversation a two-way street? I override emotion and social norms during a personal conversation with friends or a life-changing event. I am not a social creature…I always and always want people to take their decisions solely for themselves. Ofcourse, its difficult but as my parents always say, don’t take decisions based on temporary feelings but wait-for-it…based on the big picture.

Why anonymous? Like many others, I use it as a legitimate excuse to procrastinate, rant and rave of what I process in my head. My family and friends consist of most amazing souls who believe in me. They know that I have a blog, and have been writing in it for almost 2 years but they have been considerate enough to let me keep it a secret. Or probably they are avoiding some of those awkward conversations?!! Whatever be their reason, my reason of maintaining anonymity is that I can write uninhibited.

What do I blog about? If you are that interested you will find out and then you can see for yourself but it’s just random misunderstood things from my life which are written under a different spotlight. Ufff, the difficulty of having a mind that understands that it will always be misunderstood!! It’s because everyone has different definitions of bring reasonable. Mine is just misunderstood. Thus, I turned towards blogging because here, everyone speaks a language they don’t understand, but which now and then is understood by others.

It’s never easy to bare your soul to the world! It took a lot of courage to write and put myself out there for the world to love, hate and sometimes ignore. There is a strange intimacy when you open yourself up and let someone read your thoughts, emotions and/or rants and raves— allowing someone to fondle your mind. Sometimes you just got to get naked and see what happens, isn’t it?

So now you know the story behind my blog name and a little about me as well. Want to know more about me? Simply ask and I will compile and have another post…:)


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6 thoughts on “Who is MissUnderstood Genius??

  1. 🙂 Excellent 🙂

  2. Philosopher

    May i ask for your real name, MissUnderstood Genius? i’ve taken some of your works and i need to footnote it with your REAL name. Thank you in advance

  3. MissUnderstood Genius is perfect as is how I am known in the virtual world.

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