I didn’t hear ya…

For New Year, WordPress presented us with the annual report of our blog. As much as I was happy to see the fireworks I created in year 2013, I was intrigued with the fact that number of likes on my posts is not even remotely proportional to the comments I received. While the Likes increased, the comments decreased to the extent of being extinct.

How should I interpret that? You read it. But you didn’t say what it was exactly that you read. Or if you liked it. Or hated it. Or if it made sense. Or if you connected with it at all. Probably you just nodded and ran away, thinking that whatever it was that you read was ridiculous and/or boring.

WordPress Stats feature allows us to see how many people read our posts (Visits v/s Views), but we can’t tell who, unless there are Likes or Comments. It caused me to pause and seriously think about why I do or don’t post comments. I truly enjoy skimming various blogs each day and gleaning bits of info and perspective. Dawns on me that it is a disservice to follow a blog and never let the author know that I enjoy their posts except simply Liking it to let them know I stopped by and partaken of their offering.comment-vs-like

I do realize that it just isn’t everyone’s “thing” to comment on blog posts. Yes, I am guilty of this too. If it’s well-written, well-expressed, thought-provoking, that’s reason enough for me to show appreciation even without a comment. Sometimes I don’t feel like I have anything of value to say or am unable to break out of reader mode. Sometimes when I have all the intention of commenting, someone’s already posted a similar comment I intended to make. I just don’t want to repeat an idea that’s been presented…other than the occasional “I agree”. I have given thumbs-ups and likes to several really tricky blog topics over the years even if I didn’t necessarily agree with the subject itself as they spoke of other side of the coin. I do enjoy commenting as much as I enjoy reading comments of posts which I enjoyed reading and sometimes, I skim it through, if they are pretty long and straight to the comments for a summary. Guilty as charged!!!

Please-CommentWe invest so much time and effort in sharing our views to a virtual world and are often left wondering if we are really connecting. We don’t realize the value of engaging in this “online conversation” as it were. This is Internet. Its mean for open exchange of information and ideas.

Sure, there are the naysayers, and those whose only pleasure in life is to harass others just for the sake of harassment. They derail conversations with raving accusations of bias, attacking other people for not knowing as much as they do, criticizing the content for not being good enough, overly critical, offensive and sometimes very personal but for the most part they disappear into the background of the good stuff. It’s getting to the stage where people may become afraid of expressing a personal opinion just in case they upset others or are branded a troll. There are polite ways for someone to comment or voicing his/her bit of view on anything published. Comments are equally beneficial and equally destructive. Of course it’s very hard not to take some of it personally. But, lets respect the fact that it’s an opinion after all.

Comments give a different perspective to the post, shows another side of the coin because of the diverse audience from all around the world. I have stumbled across other interesting blogs because of either the comments left by another blogger, or by me “bumping” into a commenter on one blog after another. The same way I occasionally trek through my friends Facebook posts or pictures just because I saw one post and then I just keep on looking.

I am just hard-pressed to think it could be just plain laziness at my end. I would try to shrug this laziness and will be better at letting others know that I read. It goes back to one of my favorite sayings: “What goes around comes around!”

So much for free speech. If you don’t have time to comment, just click the Like button down there and to the left. I just want know you were here sometimes. LOL!

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4 thoughts on “I didn’t hear ya…

  1. Commenting to get your proportions back in line 🙂

    This is a topic I’ve thought (and written) a bit about. I rarely Like a post, in fact, I have to absolutely LOVE your post before I’ll Like it, but if I have something to say, I’ll say it. So here I am saying it.

    Liking posts is a bit of laziness, but also perhaps we bloggers that aren’t getting enough comments aren’t writing effectively to elicit comments. I often think that the stuff I write just doesn’t inspire a whole lot of comments, but I’m not sure I could write another way. There’s a blogger I follow who’s blog evolved over the last year from being about women’s body issues (not so controversial) to anti-feminists on the internet (really, really, really controversial). She gets very few Likes, but her comments sections are crazy. She gets tons of comments from people arguing with her and each other. It’s been absolutely fascinating to observe how the blog has morphed.

    • I can’t agree less with you. I end up reading a lot of posts and liking them but I need to feel some sort of connection to the post to comment on it. I must confess that I shied away from leaving a comment earlier despite having “in the head” responses. As I said that comments give a different perspective, like yours did, which will help the authors think and write effectively to let their blog morph.

      Bloggers make the world interesting, but cheerleaders keep it spinning! 🙂

  2. Hmmm interesting point! I’ve started a topic on Pngine about how social media is changing the blogging experience, would be great if you can share your opinion!


  3. I used to just read and leave, it was a ‘big step’ to start engaging on blogs and I am so glad I did. The actual engagement adds such dimension, in my opinion, both as a reader and when I am the writer. Sometimes I struggle with the feeling of having anything adequate to say, but I have also learned to just start and let my mind be open and the comment will come. That process has helped me in ways I didn’t expect. As a writer/blogger its always great to receive comments and hear other voices in the room, if that makes any sense. Great topic to post about! I’ve written about it too, as I came to be amazed by the community that forms, in the comments! 🙂

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