Year 2013, in my rear-view mirror…

As the days piled up into weeks, and the weeks turned into months…a year came to an end!! Yay Yay….:)

The holiday season is a time for celebration but also a time for reflection. After the hangover of it all subsided, I sat near the window with my cup of hot ‘chai’ and my laptop to reminisce the past year and what better way than browsing through my blog posts I wrote.

Wow, year 2013 was a year of letting go, learning of how to smile at strangers, of making new friends, of attempting to learn a new language, of understanding loss, of making a significant attitude shift, of measuring my feelings of self-worth and to not let others validate who I am as a woman. It made me retrospect various situations in different dimensions.

Year 2013 was wonderful for me in million ways but challenged me in a many ways too. Well, some days I did better than others. As I was going through my blogs, I realized I have learnt a little something at various occasions. Thus, I thought of compiling the lessons drawn through my experiences and linking my earlier posts to them (incase curiosity bites you to know what was on my mind) as I write.

Here I go, I have learnt:lessons-learned-in-project-management

  • There are thousands upon thousands of things to be grateful for and to appreciate what I have been blessed with!
  • I can get through bad times and keep looking for better ones, as long as I have people who love me.
  • To be true to myself with what makes me happy career-wise and otherwise.
  • Life is more than what I “do”, it’s about who I am.
  • Letting go isn’t always easy, but choosing to let go when I realize it is time can change my life for the better.
  • Life is what happens when we are planning for it. So let’s roll with it…!!
  • Why wait until tomorrow to look and feel my best…it’s not guaranteed!
  • Life from this moment is still a blank page. Take risks and not pull myself down if they don’t pan out.
  • From a tall, dark and handsome in my teenage years to now wanting someone faithful and honest. Nonetheless, no matter what the odds of finding love, I always find the courage to do it. I attempt to it, time and again.
  • How to think nothing. I don’t have all the answers so why worry. After all, worry is simply a waste of imagination!!
  • It is crucial to put on the right shoes everyday and strut along no matter what we face in life.
  • To enjoy that gorgeous day outside and escaping the tyranny of the “to-do” list!
  • It’s never too late to make a change! I am preparing myself for my time away from the rat race ‘cos I often wonder why do I do what I do?
  • Like a surfer on a wave, I will fall and sometimes I will even fail. Then I have to get up and do it again.
  • It’s ok to pause. Life changes so gradually, I hardly notice it evolving.
  • Enjoy life As-Is!! Not every day is sunshine and roses, but would I trade some on the happiest days of my life for not having to experience some of the saddest? Hmm…I do not think so.
  • Play it on!! Nothing is easy, but it is worth the effort to just be in the game.
  • Monday is happier than Saturday. Fake the attitude. Yes, fake it till you make it!

I have buckled up to embrace year 2014. The lessons I have learnt is the first step towards it.

What is one lesson which you will carry along?

P.S. Maybe, when I read this post next year or decade down the road, I shall find few lessons as totally illogical and lame; but to the current capacity of my mind, they seem logical… (:


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