Monday is happier than Saturday!!


I used to start my Monday ‘hating’ on Sunday afternoon. I think this attitude was born of a job that I felt stuck and lost in. As a matter of fact any day of the week could take a toll on me but with Monday’s it could get worse because I was looking at a full week ahead of me and I felt drained already. Then someone told me: “Don’t let Monday ruin your Sunday” which meant, I needed to start each day fresh, clean slate, be positive, be happy!

Mondays are, indeed, the chance to start again…in the hope of a new week that filled is with great opportunities ahead welcoming Monday every week is a pleasure. I must confess that some Mondays is happier than Saturdays.

Mondays are the best day of the week since they are always full of new opportunities! Not everyone likes to think so and I definitely belong in that “everyone” at least on a few Monday’s every year. Call it Monday blues or whatever you like to call it but let’s face it Monday’s can be overwhelming and tiring sometimes. It’s just to depressing to spend 52 Mondays a year in a bad mood. Now multiply that by the number of years you expect to live…..thats too much wasted time spend in a mad mood.

I, simply, changed my attitude…!!!


I strongly believe attitude is something that’s way overrated in corporate industry. For me it’s kind of a mixed bowl and you need everything in right proportions to come on top and attitude is just one among them. And there is no rule of thumb that can help you out to come up with an answer to what the right proportions are because that’s something that you learn over the years. Tough, huh!

How about “faking” the attitude? Yes, fake it till you make it…  [See: TED-talk]. It is important to put on a “face” for the best possible light even if I am not privately feeling it. It affects others perception of me, and it also can affect the outlook that I might even have on my job. That being said, however, plastering a smile to cover up a rather miserable work environment or a really bad job is probably not going to last for the long-term.

What matters most is how we define the “attitude”. Depending on how we use it makes it positive, negative or arrogant. Skills can be attained, a positive attitude on life and a drive to always do our best are a bit harder to teach. Looking at the positive side of it, I would go by hiring attitude and train the skill. I don’t want world’s best skilled person with negative attitude. It is contagious which is great if there is a positive person in your immediate workspace, but oh-so-distructive when there is someone negative around. I strongly believe that one can acquire skills easily, but changing attitude is not that easy. Nobody is immune to the most toxic of attitudes. The best news is that attitude is a choice, and it’s available to all.


Bad attitudes could be caused by a number of variables, to simply give one reason would be treating the symptom and not the root cause. So many times I have seen the wrong people placed in the wrong positions because only their skills were taken into consideration.

When we love what we do, it is easier learn new things and acquire new skills. It’s a mixture of employee wanting to be excited about coming to work and having a positive attitude. However we also need an environment that is conducive to positive productivity. One cannot be sustained without the other because teaching someone the HOWs is second priority. Knowing that someone loves the HOWs, and even the WHATs, and specially the WHYs is No. 1.

If I want to change direction in my career, I have a lot of trouble convincing potential employers that I had the attitude and could learn the skills. I think it is a very fresh and new way of approaching hiring that should be embraced more, but the old argument of training being expensive and risky always wins! Why would a company want to train anyone when they got 50 skilled people applying for each position? The company who actually believes in training their employees is rare indeed.

But, wouldn’t hiring the “perfect resume” without the positive attitude be an expensive (on many levels) mistake?

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3 thoughts on “Monday is happier than Saturday!!

  1. southernhon

    Awesome thoughts.

  2. Thank you!!! 🙂

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