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Having a desire to capture memories and moments through photography, I am always on a quest of searching for photographic works by other professional photographers for ideas and inspiration. “WOW!!” is what I said when I stumbled upon this beautiful website Hovercraftdoggy.

No, don’t be confused with the name but they got their name “after an image that makes us smile and think positive. It is what we call “hovercraftdoggies” [ = little dogs that walk like they are floating on air ]”.

Hovercraftdoggy is like a wikipedia of gorgeous selection of photos clicked by photographers from all around the world. Intriguing, amusing, and unusual – they are simply off the hook!

The photo blog is amazing and so simply beautiful. I like their “eye” for what is beautiful from other part of the world. I enjoyed the contemporary, eccentric, twist of their work and the whimsical titles that made me smile. The diverse and interesting collection of pictures left me floating on air while few made me want to meditate or spell-bound.

Being a novice photographer, I will definitely be back for inspiration…for words can be hard to come by and you know what they say a pictures speaks. Wonder what interesting name I give to my photo blog, when I am ready to start one? Any suggestions, friends..?? 🙂


Landscapes Formed From Human Bodies by Carl Warner (2)Landscapes Formed From Human Bodies by Carl Warner (3)Landscapes Formed From Human Bodies by Carl Warner (5)Landscapes Formed From Human Bodies by Carl Warner (6)Landscapes Formed From Human Bodies by Carl Warner (1)

From his series ‘Bodyscapes‘ a selection of photographs of London-based photographer Carl Warner who created this creative project featuring a very new and unconventional photography style that blends portraits with landscapes.

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