A Sugar Rush for the upcoming year

Bright and colorful calendar for approaching new year!! Slurpiciously tempting pictures for each month…wonder how easy would it be for the people on diet!! 😀

Until yesterday it was like a normal day, until my landlord called me to know if I want to renew the apartment lease. Wow!! Year 2013 swepy by already and I am close to a year old in Mumbai. ..already??!! Wil share my experience so far soon but until then, lets start wrapping the year 2013 with joy and laughter; and buckle up to embrace year 2014.

Some of my friends and followers asked me if I was going to make a calendar for 2014, which initially I didn’t plan to realize given the limited time left.

But guess what?
I did it, finished it and loved it!

To make fast illustrations (it took me three days to have it finished) I decided to change the graphic style used on past one (Click to see my 2013 calendar). In this all my characters were created using basic forms and Illustrators Shape Builder Tool and Pathfinder.

The inspiration always comes!

2013 was such a wonderful year. I really loved it. I learned so much from life and people around me that the only wish I could have for the upcoming year is to be sweeter than this one. That’s the reason  I chose to present a Sugar Rush Calendar.

Hope you enjoy this, I made…

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