Sleepless in bed


Although we only have one word for “sleep”, sleep itself is a vast array of different of mental and physical processes. All these processes must work together in order for me to wake up feeling good. If one of these processes malfunctions, symptoms show up, not only as short-term fatigue, but also in many other long-term, seemingly unrelated, aches and pains.

I envy people who get 7 hours or more of sleep while I get 4-5 hours. Being a light sleeper, I have trouble getting back to sleep and then my over-active mind. Ohhh!! And I also envy people who can sleep almost anywhere or are able to catch forty winks.

But it’s true that sometimes many ideas pop up than in my more lucid states of mind. The ideas flutter around like lost birds. At times, it leads me to worry frantically about things outside my control. I researched many sources trying to learn to improve my rest. Having tried drumming my fingers on the sheets, backward counting, sound machine or watching TV in the middle of the night, I ended up creating a mental to-do list. I concluded that there aren’t “warm milk” remedies 🙂 that can help me in waking up fresh and happy. To put my over-active mind to rest, I always and always read until I find myself trailing off… I feel like it’s both – better and worse – but it surely helps me sing away middle-of-the-night blues.

Consider yourself lucky if you are able to sleep through the night!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Sleepless in bed

  1. Love this: “…The ideas flutter around like lost birds…”, and while I wish I couldn’t relate, I can. *Sigh* I always seem to wake up mid-sleep and once I do, it’s a wild card as to where my brain will go. Wish I could attach a photo here…my brother gave me a great bottle of wine and label is: “Insomnia” 🙂 cheers to finding good thoughts on sleepless nights.

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