Fit to the Search!!


My initial reaction upon seeing this picture was just like yours – I laughed (LOL!!), but then my brain, super-active that it is, started to ponder if anyone can go to any extend to search for a right job. Or should I simply say, a job?

Do Companies not want to hire? Well, why would they? Profits are at the highest, employee body is at its lowest. Sometimes I feel that the only reason we are even being interviewed is to show the few remaining employees, the company is trying to fill open ‘invisible’ positions.

The traditional trend of Cover letters is also diminishing as they are rarely read. When it comes to cover letters, there are three types of hiring managers: 1) don’t read it 2) reads before résumé 3) reads after résumé. A cover letter can show additional facts that are not in the résumé, as it is customized to the position one is applying for. But more importantly, it demonstrates the person’s communication skills.

The internet has changed the landscape. Most resumes do not get through the glance of a hiring managers. They go in a dark hole – a computer algorithm – a match-maker between employers and potential employees, which pre-scans your resume for key words to match their needs, very specific terms, qualifications and experience. Now, the search terms are only as good as the hiring manager or HR who selected the terms to search for in the first place. Of all the resumes received, perhaps only 10% actually get a second glance. One would be lucky if their resume gets through 10% but there might be few good candidates in the remaining 90% that didn’t get through the search system. Thus the computer algorithm said not a single one of those even qualified for the job.

90% are include a high number of those candidates who might have simply applied to try their luck despite not fulfilling the requirements criteria as well. They are playing the numbers game by applying to anything and everything where they “MAY” have some experience in. That minimizes the chances of being seen by recruiters from tracking someone who is targeting a specific field/role.

However, like it or not social media is a reality and if a recruiter is interested in hiring you there is a strong chance that you name will be searched on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Past couple of times, I happen to notice that my LinkedIn profile was visited before an interview by, guess who, my interviewer. I would rather give reasons to hire me rather than reasons to dismiss me!!

Unfortunately, job hunting is a dehumanizing, discouraging and most disingenuous fact of our times. Integrity in the work world has been kicked to the curb in the name of greed.

Staying positive and not letting self-debilitating thoughts take over is a struggle (but achievable!!) when there is little opportunity for an interview. All I say is – Know your worth, say positive things everyday and LAUGH.

Finding a job is a job in itself..And a damn hard one at that!

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One thought on “Fit to the Search!!

  1. canis

    I once asked a friend, “Since everyone kisses ass to get a job, and everyone KNOWS that everyone kisses ass, why don’t people just..come clean and be genuine people?” She had no answer. When will people stop feeding this foolish system? People are worth more than the money they earn and so desperately chase after.

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