A cup of tea!!

Monsoon has finally arrived in Mumbai and they are supposed to be notorious – puddles, potholes and never-ending traffic jams. And a prospect of enjoying a cup of tea either alone near my window and with a friend lifts up my spirits – and you relish the monsoons.

The thought came to me why the ritual of tea-time is so important. It provides relaxation and rejuvenation!!! The preparation and enjoyment of a nice hot cup of tea has a physical component as well as an emotional and mental one. It soothes the spirit, calms the mind, and refreshes the body.

Think about it for a moment. The hot tea quenches your thirst. But you don’t gulp down a hot drink, you have to take the time to sip it. This act helps to shift your mental and physical processes from a state of high activity to a quieter one. Plus, the process of heating the water, putting the leaves in the cup or teapot, and steeping them can bring you into a calmer frame of mind.

And the company of a friend makes the tea experience even more pleasant and fulfilling!!


I hope you will try a tea ritual of your own. And if you are already in the habit of enjoying a cup of tea, maybe my thoughts will give you a new appreciation for the process.. 🙂

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