THE Bell Curve

What is bell curve? It is the ultimate tool of comparing employees, used by the companies itself. So comparison is here to stay. Now the question is, how to make this inevitable game, beneficial for us ? Always compare yourself with best of the best, try to improve yourself continuously, once you have surpassed them, move your bar little higher and so on. Meanwhile, be aware of your innate strengths and weaknesses, and work accordingly. Never try to play with your innate nature. Fish should never try to fly.

I wish to only compete against my self. Comparing myself to others can be toxic. Heck, I still did it and it was a miserable situation to be in. While the management was comparing me to other employees, which made me feel increasing amounts of pressure to try to beat the other employee in performance. The reality was, that the other employees had significant advantages over me (due to their skillset), and I came into the game with significant disadvantages (expertise in a different space) thus a misfit. Although I didn’t see anything beneficial from it and worth the frustration and aggravation, but I still blamed myself.

However, I try to learn from both “upward” and “downward” comparisons, but it is important to be smart while comparing oneself, either “upward” or “downward” and try not to judge myself or others. Past achievements are my benchmarks. My progression towards my goals should gauge my results. I should not compare myself with my colleagues because as their motivation fluctuates, so would my standard of comparison. My own objectives and drive should determine my work success.

But, I am very guilty of this myself.  The anxiety that is caused by constantly comparing yourself to others and their successes, ironically never seems to be lessened when you see them fail. I have been on both ends and it actually got to the point where people’s integrity was taken into consideration. No one’s path is your own and it is hard to judge this totally by numbers.

We tend to always assume that “the grass is always greener on the other side”….or the glass is “half empty.” It’s how we see ourselves and others, our perception that creates the “reality” we live in. We are the benchmarks for ourselves and our future. But low adjustment ability to change, social convergeance behaviors  and need for recognition and prizes taught for years in the schools and traditional families, create obvious mind traps and compromise our resilience.

When in a position of evaluating your team members, it must be done very discreetly and should I mention objectivity?

And so often, it’s an inaccurate picture. It’s so helpful to open up to feedback from the others in order to get a broader view. Personally, I strive for excellence…trying to avoid the often unachievable “perfection,” and that’s my personal  benchmark.

Comparison is a tool which must be used with caution. Not too much not too little!!

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