Bored to death…

I was told of a classic conversation between the “Borer” & the “sufferer” the latter ultimately telling the former thus: I understand that between us you know almost everything and that I know only the one thing that you don’t know- that you are a “Big Bore”.

bored1Although it sounds rude, interruption is actually a good sign, I think. It means a person is bursting to say something, and that shows interest. It’s not just me :-), there are quite a few facing this situation, right? I have a natural tendency to ask for clarifications and raise questions during conversations. In fact I might forget or may feel “let it be” and some very useful point may be left out.

I am keenly interested in body language and micro expressions such as good eye contact and a smile that flits across the features. Staring as well as very poor eye contact signals that the person is disengaged and a smile that feels (looks) stuck, signals irritation.

Furthermore I have observed that if a person starts yawning- is a sign that he/she is forcing self to listen to you and is bored to limits. Similarly a person who listens (or pretend to listens) with arms crossed could be a sign that he/she is bored and more often even offended by the nonsense being uttered. I see these behaviors often among people in a position of power, who mistake ‘obligatory’ listening for vivid interest! One’s background certainly does influence communication style and acceptability within given conversation(s).

The art of communication is scribble – abstract. It takes keen observation and skill for one to catch the conversation nuances and then blend.

On the lighter side: If I had a choice between being a bore to some one or being bored by some one, I would choose the former. That keeps me from yawning in the other person’s face. Not everyone or everything can get melodramatically interesting as Shakespeare’s stage of words and sonnets.

Unfortunately, I think I fall in to both categories (the boring and the bored). I have a bad habit of reading emails even when I am holding a phone conversation. I could genuinely be interested in what someone at the other end of the line is saying and still display these signs. Bad habit – Must be broken!! Blame it on my work but now I consciously close my eyes during a phone conversation to not let myself be distracted.

As to being boring, well…just the other day when I was loss of words, what can I say, I bet you stopped reading this post a while ago!!! 😉


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