Strut along

You just say the word “Shoes” and any woman perks up! Girls love their shoes!

  Past weekend, I was organizing my shoes and they brought back memories. Each shoe had a story – Places where I have trodden wearing my high brown boots, black heels with silver bow strap in which I slipped during a date, neon green stomping boots bought during winter breaks to ‘look stylish’, and oh yes! those painful stilletos which reminds me that sometimes we need to be barefoot.

We all want the answer to our life’s purpose. We want to stay on the path that ensures we are not going to fall in the ditch. We need to learn how to be “That Girl.” – That girl who always seems so strong on the inside. That girl who knows how to walk through challenges. That girl who is confident and always has a light about her. That girl who ALWAYS has the perfect shoes for her outfit!!

Being prepared is half the battle and choosing the correct shoes is such a fun way to look at it! I love shoes and realize I need to always be ready for what life may throw. Therefore, we need to make sure that we are running our race with the “right” shoes on at the “right” time so we can finish “our” race strong.

To learn about the different seasons of life and how to be equipped for whatever comes our way, it is crucial to put on the right shoes everyday to walk strong in life no matter what we face!!

So ladies, let’s strut along…

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