Enjoy the ride!

Sometimes we complain of our difficulty in keeping life together. You are actually not surprised by this comment, are you? 🙂

Most of us struggle to deal with all the things we have on our plate on a daily basis. So whether it’s the daily onslaught of world news, the endless to do list, or wondering how we could have misplaced the hot cup of tea we just poured, sometimes so many things are going on at once, that it can be overwhelming.ups and downs

My parent’s piece of advice when I am feeling a little swamped is the idea that a state of chaos often precedes a new order of things. It’s sort of like the calm after the storm: the rainstorm with the whipping winds and thunder, followed by a period of a calm blue skies with birds chirping and nature looking clean and refreshed. It’s only when we actually come out on the other side of the chaos that we can gain insight, understanding, or a new perspective.

Chores and tasks can seem too hard if we think about them all at once. We could look at small pieces of the job and doing them with a smile :). Mental tasks can be pleasant when shared with others who are interested in doing a good job. Why not put our head together with a creative friend who knows our style?

But there is no doubt that the actual process of living the chaos can be difficult. That said, there are things that can help to move us through the confusion or conflict faster and easier. First, it’s important to accept when are we feeling overwhelmed. Being confused or conflicted happens to almost everyone countless times throughout life. By accepting our negative emotions or anxiety, we can actually liberate ourselves so that we can begin to change whatever it is that is making us uncomfortable.

Once we can accept conflict or confusion in things or events, we can begin to let go of them. Hanging on to old baggage, just because it feels familiar or because we are afraid to let it go keeps us in a state of discomfort. If we are having trouble letting go of things that aren’t good for us, we may need to consider seeking some help – by simply talking to a trusted family member or a friend. Sharing and asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness, but rather a step in a positive direction, and it is surprising how helpful it can be.

Feelings of chaos and confusion will come and go like the tides. It is realizing this that actually allows us to move through the ups and downs more easily and to go with the flow.

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