‘Worry’ is your ‘worry’

Who amongst us has not worried at one time or another? Everyone worries – and it seems to be taking over our life and happiness. We all have times in our lives when we worry but where does it ever get us?

I am 34 years old and have ‘ramped up’ my worrying over the past few years. This ‘habit’ began with a very stressful job where I struggled to go Worryabove and beyond and still not receiving the due credit. And to add to this, my personal life went topsy-turvy too. My worry was crippling…the kind of worry where you can’t get out of bed in the morning but you haven’t slept all night due to worrying. Oh, my worries were real enough, I had good cause to worry!

Worry became the norm. And it was a norm that was destructive, energy sapping and ultimately incredibly dangerous. I was turning into a seasoned worrier, often having a hard time distinguishing between a real, legitimate worry, and a concocted, overblown one. I was afraid of having bad feelings–I was afraid that I would get so depressed I couldn’t stand it.

I had the added problem of worrying about my worrying which may seem laughable now but it is very frustrating as I don’t actually have anything to worry about IF I remember to just live in the present. All of my fears lie in the future 🙂

Most of us try to use to get rid of worry (try not to think about it, seek reassurance from others) and it backfires. “I don’t know something for sure then it must be bad” and we constantly jump to conclusions. Do we not?

I have realized that there is a difference between productive and unproductive worry. This is a relief because I don’t have to stop worrying and still be happy. I have realized that I might have some good reasons to feel sad or anxious at times–but I don’t need to worry to get rid of those feelings. People who worry are actually avoiding emotion.

We have choices in every moment that we can use to make ourself happy or miserable. It’s just that simple. But simple doesn’t mean easy-we have to practice over and over again because long-held ways of thinking and behaving don’t yield to change overnight.

There are some simple things in the course of life that change the way you view things. They are often referred to as an ‘epiphany’. Living one day at a time sounds like a great idea and I am doing so.

After all, worry is simply a waste of imagination!!

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