Are you save-for-rainy-day type?

Yet one of my irrelevant fluff post but I simply allowed a free flow of thoughts from one to another. (Does it happen to you too? Or am I insane?) Ah well, let me just share it with you!

How it started…

While getting ready for work today morning, I found in my closet that there are a few piece of clothing which I bought from high-end stores years ago still have price tags on them. I bought them with the hope that someday, on some parties I might be able to wear them. Right now I am not so sure whether I will even wear them or if they will fit me anymore.

And it reminds me…

If you have watched West Wing, you will notice that the president recycles one of his conservative-baiting speeches from season one into season two. While you never want to plow over plowed ground, sometimes a notion gets better when you give it time to percolate.

The guilt trip…

New books I really want to read? Sitting on shelf being “saved” for 10 years (Now I frequent CrossWords, a). New clothes? Yep, in closet, hanging, with tags on for months. Bottles of wine or vodka? Yep, taking up space.

Walked down the memory lane…

I grew up in the middle class (like most) and my parents were economical in regards to money. So I am definitely a “save for rainy day” type. I always think twice in splurging on something which I might need or might use or is half its price now. And if I do (Oh yes!!), I always save baubles and pretty scarves and fragrances for “special occasions.”

It can be perceived as consumer behavior…… this is an opportunity for every retailers and manufacturers *wink**wink*

Well, I tried to get rid of this habit few years back. Now, every few months, I do a clear out – this last time I did a slide show of favorite pieces of my clothing that I have loved and kept over the years, but that I don’t wear any more. I see those cute outfits more now than I ever did stuck in my closet. I still have few old sweaters/t-shirts that I can’t and won’t part with, but there is something to be said to putting off happiness!

Never really knew it was a global problem. People hoard just like the royalty did in ancient Egypt, who harbored a belief that all the accumulated wealth, will do them good in their next life. People hoard wealth and grow old, but refuse to part with it in their lifetimes, thinking that they will lose their importance. Wealth cannot grow, unless it flows!

One of my colleague did the same with candles and a few other things, like really good perfume. Since the beginning of 2013, she has “burned up” three candles and refuses to buy any more until her “inventory” looks more reasonable. The perfume will take longer.

Like Scottie F. said, “Right now is plenty special enough!” You have to be comfortable with new, in order to discard old ( Hmmm … I wonder if that includes T-shirts). This is something many people experience in varying degrees and is really a function of anxiety. It’s the “what-if” phenomenon. I always have a spare or replacement “just in case” I can’t get more later. I see it all too often in my practice, and the idea of “spending out” can be a cute way for some to challenge it. Its not about spending out, its about spending better, right? Idiosyncratic but if it makes you happy.

And my train of thoughts…

People withhold things that would be better given away. There’s a saying in sports: You waste the energy you don’t spend on the field. Here are a few things I think fall into that category:RAINY Day

  • Ideas: A small piece of information at the right time is worth more than “perfect” information that is too late.
  • Feedback: Continuous feedback throughout the year is more useful than an annual review coming after the period when the information could have been used.
  • Courtesy: Being friendly as a rule gets better results than acting friendly only when you need something from somebody.

Life is too short to do something for ourselves. Whether it is the clothes we wear, the things we feel, or the effort we expend on a project. We should give it our best and do our best. Holding back for another time doesn’t make sense personally or professionally. We can never really know what or when is the right time to give our all. The impact we have by not doing the best we can with all we have will never be known. The intimates of our lives may not matter to anyone else but when we know we have done our best with the best we have, we can be satisfied. It doesn’t matter if everyone is happy with that effort, we can look back on it and how it turned and know that we did the best we could with what we had. If we can’t find joy and happiness in that, then we never will be happy. Spending out is the only way to live our life without looking back at it with regrets.

Why wait until tomorrow to look and feel our best…it’s not guaranteed!

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