Letting go..

Not long ago but a few months back, I was struggling with a frustrating situation involving my workplace, and I felt helpless to do anything about it.  Unfortunately, I was having panic attacks because I was so anxious and fearful about the situation (Being in an organization for 6.5 years can cut you off from the outer world). I was unable to see my options, and as a result was trapped in an uncomfortable and unfortunate position.

Feeling trapped in a situation is a very common challenge we all face at various times. After all, we are creatures of habit, and even though we Let gomay claim we like change, when something threatens our status quo, it can feel more like the rug has been pulled out from under us rather than an opportunity for us to move ahead. I spent time thinking about what was most important to me in my current work position.

I considered how much joy and comfort I was actually getting from my job in light of the current situation. Was it so important to me to remain in a situation that was causing me so much frustration?  Was it the only option I had? In asking these questions to myself, I had a specific intention. I wanted to look at what my job meant to me and to see if I should consider other options. Sometimes, when we examine our motivations, we begin to realize that they aren’t what we thought they were.

I am happy to report that a couple of weeks later, I had a new perspective. I concluded that my job wasn’t really the best thing for me, and started exploring other options that I wouldn’t have considered previously. I decided to look for another job doing something to challenge my capabilities. And interestingly enough, my panic attacks had disappeared and now I get “good” goosebumps when I face new challenges and learning new things.

As you can probably guess, I am now glad that the circumstances at my old job forced me to take stock of what I really wanted in life and to let go of a situation that was unhealthy for me. 

I look at my own life to see if there are aspects of it that are no longer serving me as I need them to. Then I would see how to alter them to suit my best interests. Now that’s a worthwhile goal for the this year!

Letting go isn’t always easy, but choosing to let go when you realize it is time can change your life for the better.

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