Attitude Mumbai!!!

As an old adage goes, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” and I took a big step by making a career transition in a new city. Only a week old in the city, I am still struggling to find an apartment for myself but loving the place so far.

Dense neighborhoods that were rural 30 years ago are now being leveled for high-rises. Many thousands live and work in slums with corporate headquarters as the backdrop of their labors. The new Indian and the India of centuries of tradition rub shoulders continuously every day. The tension and the contrast between the ancient and the modern, rural and urban, Muslim and Hindu, affluence and poverty are all here. The magic of Bombay — a complex and alluring environment  and Mumbaikars (as they are known especially since the city’s name changed officially to Mumbai in 1996), who convey humanity with hope.

Ofcourse, a special mention on mumbai local trains which I am yet to take a ride on when there are less people hanging outside of it.


Mumbai Locals

As we all know that the biggest danger you face is belief in a one-size-fits-all rule for anything. Hence, I am taking it slow and consulting few of my dear friends before taking day-to-day decisions which will impact me in the long run such as neighborhood, real estate agents, etc. But overall an eduring experience which I am enjoying each day – discovering people, places and events that form its marrow. I will flirt with it and wish to get to know it more intimately.

There is definitely an attitude shift!!

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4 thoughts on “Attitude Mumbai!!!

  1. We are all delighting in this adventure with you!

    • I will ensure that my virtual friends enjoy it alongwith me :). Wait till I am settled in an apartment, unpacked and ready to explore…I will definitely share the pictures to delight it with.

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