I “may be” Missed

Have you ever hurt your leg or foot or toe, and instead of going to the doctor, you got used to limping? Maybe you told yourself that you were too busy to see a doctor. Perhaps you thought the problem would clear up on its own. But over time, you got used to walking funny. Pretty soon, you couldn’t even remember what it felt like to feel normal or not walk around with discomfort.

That’s what was like for me at my current workplace. When viewed from a distance, it might have appeared to be charming, quaint, or even fun. But when you get closer, it becomes painful and draining, stresses you personally, hurting not only at the immediate source, but able to harm and damage other formerly – healthy parts of the whole system. And that’s when I decided to resolve it – by quitting. No, don’t wrong yourself of thinking of me as a Quitter —  sometimes no matter how much you love a job, some one/thing can make it unbearable.

Lesson Learnt : Implement a trial period, manage expectations, challenge whether it is a gap or is it as big as a thought. Sometimes a bit of detachment goes a long way in making life bearable!!

I will miss my coffee/chai breaks with few colleagues who became friends, enjoying the appreciations/ promotions of friends and self while cribbing over office nuances – Phew, a lot can happen over a cup of coffee or chai!! 😉

miss you

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