If I met my friend now…??

What is a good friend? I think we all know when we have one, but why can’t we ever figure out the ones that just don’t seem to be quite right? Friendships span the whole relationship gamut and it is nice to know that there are some dos and don’ts that make sense and make life make more sense.

I am one of those people who thinks of everyone they have ever met as a potential friend. I firmly believe that my life will be incomplete without friends. They have pulled me through real tough times. As the adage goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed” hence I hold few of them so strongly in my life to never let go. I have real lasting friendship and I learnt that it is okay to be needy. For at times we all need someone to take care of us once in a while. Similarly, I have had some guilt about letting go of friendships past their prime but have also understood that it’s healthy to acknowledge the good that  happened, and still be able to move on. I have also learnt that I need to be careful with who I give my heart to~ ofcourse I learnt this the hard way.

Do we treasure our friendships? Are they an indication of the sort of life that we lead and the sort of person that we have become? If we don’t intentionally nurture our friendships and invest time in them, then they too easily dwindle away in the press of life.” So true, ain’t it? The importance of being “real” and authentic with our friends, about not hiding behind masks to be someone we are not with our friends and about honesty in friendship. All good reminders to keep ourselves genuine in our friendships and in our life.

If I met my friend now, would we still be friends? I might be unable to answer it but I do know that we are friends now and will remain forever. Dr. Bonior, writer of “Baggage Check” column in Washington Post, aptly puts it – “It can sometimes seem…that we’re on the lookout for perfect people. But if you think about it, if we picked only perfect people as friends, who’d be picking us?

Right friends???

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2 thoughts on “If I met my friend now…??

  1. We have a saying where I come from: “No strangers around here, just friends you haven’t met yet!” Seems to me that you’d fit right in!

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