The Adventure of an Imagination “The Hobbit’

Have you ever had something that other people want and will do any thing to get it? Then you’re like the protagonist, Bilbo Baggins, in the story The Hobbit written by J.R.R Tolken. Everybody wants this ring because the ring contains mystical powers that can rule the world.

The story of “The Hobbit” is well-known, having been published in 1937 and continually in print.

Although many may see “The Hobbit” as strictly being a children’s book or at best one for the teenagers, there is much in this novel for fans of fantasy fiction of all ages. At first, it didn’t really seem interesting. But a lot of great books don’t immediately start out interesting. But after the slow parts, it’s like a roller coaster.

Hobbits are small little men-like beings that are known for their calm, non-adventuresome nature. This all changes when an unsuspecting hobbit named Bilbo, when Gandalf comes back to The Shire. He tells Bilbo of a far off land in peril. He tells of a dragon that is wreaking havoc to the people of the nation. But most of all he tells of an adventure, an adventure that Bilbo is not to keen to be a part of. With a band of dwarves, a wizard (Gandalf), and a Hobbit, the team sets off on their quest. Along the way, the group is met with many challenges including a bunch of trolls, some mischievous elves, and a creature named Gollum. It is in the cave of Gollum that Bilbo has to use his skill of riddles, to outsmart the creature and escape. On the way out of the cave, Bilbo finds a ring that will come to lead to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Their quest leads them to the mountain of the dragon Smaug (Mt. Doom), where it is again up to the smart and cunning of the little Hobbit to save a town. Here, at the lake, and epic battle occurs. With the dragon slain, it is time for the return trip and for life to resume as normal. Bilbo has a hard time trying to
readjust to his former life of a hobbit. He is constantly seeking adventure again, and so is looked down upon by the inhabitants of the Shire.

This book is filled with action, adventure, and friendship. It is a great read, and starts the epic tale of The Lord of the Rings.

The movie is awesome. The movie has a good script that sticks to what was in the book, BUT, not as descriptive (well, it is a movie, so that’s normal). The way the movie starts is very clever, and the whole introduction before the journey is almost exactly like the book, which I enjoyed very much. And 3D takes it all to another level. A little unnerving at times…Almost as if I was watching a hybrid of a movie and a live action performance. This will become classic without any doubt; I am just glad that I got to be a part of the generation that witnessed the never-dying franchise of Mr. Tolkien‘s work.

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