Thank You…

There is so much humanity, so much grace and good humor, so much strength and wisdom. I am thankful and be grateful for:

  • The difference it made sometimes when someone just reached into the heart of our experience and named it, and sat there with us in it.
  • That moment. For the chance each of us has to offer that moment to others through our listening and our respect, and the chance to make what we choose of that moment when it’s our turn.
  • Throwing off this big blanket, that heavy swathing that collects around us as we move through the week of obligations. And we wake the wildness in us, stretch, shake, perambulate, whatever gets it moving, and wonder if it is time.
  • The opportunity to be uncomfortable. In the strange and lonely corners of discomfort is where we find those moments of beautiful sadness when life pulsates vibrantly around us and within us, opening our heart to accept the raw and the brutal equivocally with the selfless and kind.
  • For second chances. Deserved or undeserved, but truly given without reservation. Given to me and to others, but most importantly, the one I gave to myself.
  • When life beat me into submission, because that is how I learnt to fight with compassion instead of fury. I am not broken, I am bendable, and I can survive anything. Damaged goods are the best kind there are, ain’t it?
  • Strong, healthy friendships with wonderful people met personally, professionally and virtually who showed me the way back into the sunlight. The friends who never fail to ask the hard questions. Who show up to worry and to carry the worry and to blow it all off.
  • My own tenacious spirit, which has gotten me through this difficult year. It feels like a miracle, and I’m living it every single day.
  • Being lucky enough to discover depths and layers of love I’d never even imagined, love that almost hurts.
  • Holding stake in my own happiness. Sure, things bite shit sometimes. But there are arms in the world that want me, and two of them are my own. That’s plenty.
  • These days I can cry tears that are more honest than ever before, that my heart is not aching in vain, that I know that I am doing right by me.
  • The strength to know tomorrow is another chance—the ability to understand that many others won’t have my tomorrow.
  • The confidence to be alone, and not lonely. I am grateful for the way life takes you to the place farthest from what you dreamt for yourself, and that you can make a life for yourself, there.
  • My grandfather, the bitter-sweet legacy he left and the love he lived.
  • My parents because of their steady values and clean living, I have what I now recognize as a wholeness of spirit. It turns out the random-seeming gift of a happy childhood is not to be underestimated. The most amazing part is that they gave me this without any obligation.
  • My brother, who is engineering his clever way to great things
  • My adorable dog Whisky, who greeted me gleefully, rifled through the trash, and reminded me to find joy in all things.

I am grateful for words…I am grateful beyond words every single second of every day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all !!!

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4 thoughts on “Thank You…

  1. Sounds like you’re growing and doing so mindfully–the best way. Enjoy the fruits of your labors and continue to be true to yourself and I know you won’t go wrong! Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂

  2. You are amazing and wonderful..just sayin’

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