Moment of Silence

Most of us are too crunched for time and money to devote enough of either to attaining our fitness goals. In this age of information we are bombarded with incorrect advice, useless gadgets and pills, and pure hype. The health and fitness industry makes billions of dollars a year selling stuff to people that is beyond necessary (and often is not even used.)

I used to be super fit, running 10 miles a day, going to a gym and swimming on weekends. I have since grown up, got busy and become a lot less fit until I started cross-fit style. I don’t care so much about the shape of my butt as the shape of my health. I care less about the numbers of the circumference of my butt than the numbers of my blood pressure. The fact that these exercises make me look good is just a wonderful side effect!

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4 thoughts on “Moment of Silence

  1. That’s the right way of looking at it – and the one way you know you’ll continue to stick with it!

  2. Haha, I’ve been in this scenario on more than one occasion ; it is one of the worst feelings in the world lol! Have a great holiday with your family and friends :))

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