“Mommy” Katie Davis

If you live a comfortable life and don’t want anything or anyone messing up your comfort zone then you will want to re-examine your core beliefs and values after knowing Katie Davis whose missionary act will shake some moments…you will feel a gentle nudge from God that you have something beyond yourself to accomplish in this world – had me longing in confusion and asking, “well God, what do you want me to do now?”.

Why would she forego college, leave her parents and brother, lose friends, and break up with her boyfriend? Basically she wanted to do God’s will for her life. After reading her journey, struggles and plan on her blog, http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.in/, you will get your answer that she had a great desire to change children’s lives one by one. You will have a song in your heart and a tear in your eye. Katie makes it all “seem so easy.” Well, yes and no. She does amaze me when she continues to say “maybe just one more.”


In a world full of materialism, this young woman has exchanged a life of wealth in the U.S. to serve the needs of children in Africa. Her love and call to the mission field is obvious. No one could accomplish what she has without God’s influence. This young woman read the commands of Jesus and had the nerve to actually do as He said, “If you love Me, feed my sheep.”Katie, a high school homecoming queen and student body president and honor student and girlfriend to a handsome, committed, spiritual, star athlete – had every reason to “come home.” But her heart was back in Uganda with the motherless children she had fallen in love with. Katie abandoned her Mid southern upbringing – exchanged the North American suburban dream for a life of service, poverty and sacrifice, just after graduation from high school to travel across the world and become a modern-day American Mother Theresa.

She has no formal training or experience in theology, childcare or fundraising and receives little guidance or support from others. However, she is giving all she has. She spends her days ministering to the sick, feeding the poor and changing the family tree of almost everyone she comes in contact with. At the tender age of 22, she has adopted 14 young girls and has created a loving home in the face of adversity that most of us cannot even begin to grasp. And what a heart that girl has! The founder and director of a non-profit organization called Amazima (which means truth) is a ministry which helps several children in Uganda.

We don’t know how lucky we are. Most of us can take a bath or shower whenever we want, we have a roof over our heads, we have a bed to sleep in, and we have food at the table. These are just the basics but most of the children in Uganda don’t have these luxuries. It is really something to think about.

Katie is a perfect example of someone who truly believes and lives that “her life is not her own.” Is it any wonder that the name she has been given by the people of her village is “Mommy.”

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4 thoughts on ““Mommy” Katie Davis

  1. I have seen a piece about Katie, and seen her in an interview. She defines the best of our humanity, and the enormity of her heart is incalculable. What a special, special woman.

  2. thought provoking and inspiring, thank you

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