This Is It…Shake It Up!!

I have noticed that the people whose lives are heavily weighted with responsibility tend to smile and laugh a lot less than those who have fewer concerns. While that observation isn’t particularly surprising, I am convinced that it doesn’t have to be that way. I am very fond of a saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln: People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. I am a firm believer that if you want to have fun and happiness in your life, you have to choose it and then take steps to make it happen.

Sometimes we find ourself pretty much in same routine, continuously doing the same old thing, eating the same food regularly, following the same familiar route to work each day, we are probably in a rut. One way to combat this monotony is to shake things up a bit. Take a different route to work, try out a new restaurant for lunch, try to vary your work tasks, even if it’s just switching around the order you do them. Little shifts like this can change our perspective and pull us out of an unpleasant rut we may find ourself in.

Laughing more also helps, definitely. Even if I haven’t felt much like laughing lately I know what to do to bring laughter back. One of my favorite ways is to watch a funny show or to read funny books or my favorite blogs (Ah! too many). It is surprising how calming that is. Studies show that laughing helps boost our immune system and lower our stress levels. Those are great reasons to laugh as much as possible.

Few months back I spent Sunday afternoons at a golf course. This was another idea to bring fun back into my life – to try something new and challenging. The key was to find something I hadn’t done before and then approach it with the goal to have fun. And although I initially found it boring, I soon realized that by choosing an activity where nothing is riding on the outcome, I could focus on enjoying the experience rather than worrying about how well I do things.

Find ways to help shake up our routine while having a little fun in the process… 🙂

And while we are at it, let’s take time to notice all the wonder around us. Pay attention to how many things we enjoy doing each day, such as things we may do automatically or take for granted…be mindful of them and see how our experience changes. It makes a big difference when we count our blessings and work on creating an attitude of gratitude. We experience a lot more fun and joy in the process. Ain’t it?

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2 thoughts on “This Is It…Shake It Up!!

  1. Yes, this IS the Sign…

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