I am Ready..

I was unwell in September and was advised bed-rest for few days which was a blessing in disguise!! It allowed me to spend quality time with my mother – alone. Yes, she came to take care of me and you bet, I was pampered…basically she was killing me with food :). Also, while I rested, it gave me time to speculate on my state of mind and bring it to peace (read: common sense).

I realized, I want to Always be ready – I now have a list of things that I can do if a window of time opens up – now I don’t see a delay as a problem, but an opportunity to gain some time on my tasks. I have started to focus – not only on what I am doing, but also what I would not be doing. Not an easy practice to follow as bad habits die hard.

I want to take down the curtain that is hiding my haphazard approach to staying in the game, living through it and finding a way to WIN in a way that satisfies me and is a better level of excellence than I thought possible.

I re-evaluated my life and what really makes me happy rather than what I am doing now to make myself happy. Of course achievement is still important, but it’s the little things that make life fun and worth living. How people like to achieve things just to boost their ego, even if it isn’t what they would really like to be spending their time doing, ain’t it?

I am living my life the best I can live it. Enjoying the small stuff and not sweating the small stuff. Spoiling myself a bit without becoming a total jackass (read: smartass). It is about living luxuriously, looking forward to each year, eating good food, having delicious wine, terrific friends and laughing without faking it.

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