Guatemalan Worry Dolls

According to legend, if you tell your worries to one of Guatemalan worry dolls before bed and sleep with it under your pillow, the doll will relieve you of your worries while you sleep. Tell these dolls your secret wishes. Tell them your problems. Tell them your dreams. And when you awake, you may find the magic within you to make your dreams come true. Obviously, this was mainly a children’s thing to do, and some health care practitioners still use this treatment to help children deal with illness and other troubles. What a beautiful bit of lore with wonderful effects!

I do not own a Guatemalan worry doll but I do have circle of friends who act the same. Few I meet every other day to take a 30-min walk together and vent out our worries (productive and unproductive) while few are out there in the virtual world. It doesn’t always work but I am not always looking for a solution to my worry. But there’s something deeply soothing about saying your worries out loud and leave it there. The physical act of putting the proverbial “lid on it” really does help. If not to a friend, you can blog about it…thats how I entered into blog-o-sphere few months back.

Hope each of us have found their Guatemalan-way for dealing with their worries 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Guatemalan Worry Dolls

  1. Sending you international hugs – that way they can travel with you wherever you go..;-)

  2. Blogging is a very cool tool for venting, sharing.and discovery. It’s one of those benefits that I didn’t anticipate when I started blogging. And it’s cool when you meet wonderful cyberspace friends who visit your site, you visit theirs and we engage in conversation. Cyber friends, who woudda thought? Maybe not as good as Guatemalan Worry Dolls, but close 🙂

    • MissUnderstood Genius

      I so agree with you Patricia…I realized the beauty of blogging when I started and the wonderful people I met in the virtual world. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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