I just returned from a pleasant visit to the park, where I sat on a bench and people-watched.  The park is a perfect place for this activity as there are so many people to see:  nannies pushing prams, young mothers watching children on the playground, people strolling leisurely along the walks, and professionals taking a quick run before getting ready for work while enjoying their songs on ipod.

However, in addition to just looking at the passersby, I also was also studying human behavior.  An elderly couple strolled past me, arm in arm, talking, giggling, and seeming to enjoy each other’s company.  Their giggling was a bit unexpected, but certainly pleasant.  At one point, they stopped and he kissed her on her forehead before the giggling began again and they walked on.

Near the playground, a young boy and an older woman were crouched on the ground, looking at something in the grass.  The woman, possibly a grandmother, seemed to be explaining something to the child.  Other children joined them and, suddenly, a small group was receiving what I imagined was a nature lesson.  Then, a teenage girl glided past me on roller blades, grinning wickedly, her long brown hair flowing behind her.  Behind her a young woman who was also on skates, but seemed to be having difficulty keeping up, called out, “Wait up!”

I have long been interested in how people behave and interact, what makes people tick and how they act with others.  I guess you could say that people-watching is one of my hobbies.  The best thing is that you can people-watch almost anywhere — in the park, the local bookstore, a tea or coffee shop, or even a shopping mall.  It is a very inexpensive hobby, which costs no more than the price of a cup of tea or coffee.

It can be fascinating watching our fellow human beings. If you aren’t already a people-watcher, I invite you to give it a try. You may find that it opens your mind to human nature. And you may even see aspects of yourself in others, as I sometimes do.  Regardless, you won’t be bored.

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  1. yourothermotherhere

    Commercial free reality TV!

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