Over the years, I have lived in apartment buildings that have gyms for our free use. It is amazing how easy it is not to go. It is amazing how many of us hire trainers as much to “encourage” us to teach and push. Of course, mine is just the threshold thought!

Now that the “Spartan Warrior” fad has mostly died, CrossFit (X-Fit) Revolution is catching on.

What makes CrossFit so special is the fact that it is very scientific. It is not something where you just go to the gym, lift some weights a few reps, then hope that you stimulated muscle growth. CrossFit Revolution takes a good look at a lot of the different forms of workout, from weightlifting, to medicine balls, to cardio. Of course, it does not look at weightlifting as one big thing, it goes through all of the different workouts you can do for each muscle group. Examples include, squatting, shoulder presses, working out with a medicine ball, deadlifting etc. One of the main beliefs in CrossFit is to do and use what’s available to get your full training. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to join an expensive gym either. You can even create a CrossFit gym in your own backyard.

One thing I really enjoy about this fitness regime is that it leads me through the actual planning before the real workouts even start. It is nice to know how to plan out your diet according to your needs before you even break a sweat. I also really like the incorporation of combat techniques into the workouts…really cool!!

I have learnt through CrossFit the formula for camaraderie, and I can now duplicate it anywhere. It’s agony coupled with laughter. You will get crazy fit, stronger than you ever imagined and able to do things physically you had not dreamed possible. I have only been doing this for couple of weeks or so, and so far it is great. I can definitely feel it. It lets the rock ‘n’ roll live inside me, in a healthy way. Maybe I am biased, maybe I have drank too much of the crossfit coconut water 🙂

Cross Fit is so much more than a fitness program…rather, is an empowering community. Considering that social media is quickly absorbing the world, the simple fact that people can physically share their struggles and victories through a community like CrossFit, has made an enormous difference in how several people continue to push through adversity and enhance their own lives. I have met people from all walks of life and become great friends through our connection of making it through the workout of the day. But nonetheless, it’s a powerful stuff.

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3 thoughts on “CrossFit-style!

  1. Moving your body and discovering your own strength (both physical and emotional) is a wonderful thing, no matter how ya do it! Congrats on your new regimen!!

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